How To Stop Side Button From Ending Call On iPhone In iOS 16

Prevent Lock to End Call setting

Prevent Lock to End Call setting

In iOS 16 you can finally stop Side Button from ending call on iPhone! All this thanks to a new setting called Prevent Lock to End Call. When enabled and you click the Side Button during a call, the iPhone screen turns off but and the call continues allowing you to save battery.

Side Button Ends Call On iPhone?

This is an annoying behavior reported by numerous iPhone users.

In iOS 15 and earlier clicking the Side Button during an active call would cause the call to end.

So, there’s no option to manually turn the screen off without causing the call to dropped.

How To Stop Side Button From Ending Call

Thankfully, this changes in iOS 16:
Side button end call setting

  • Open Settings and scroll for Accessibility.
  • Tap on Touch.
  • Scroll and Turn ON Prevent Lock to End Call option.

Prevent Lock To End Call Not Available?

Is the above option not showing up in Settings, between Vibration and Call Audio Routing on your iPhone?

Remember, this is an iOS 16 exclusive feature. It’s only available if you update to iOS 16.0 or later!

Trick To Prevent Side Button From Ending Call

If you want to stick a bit more with iOS 15, there’s a workaround that you can apply.

This implies to use the speakerphone. When this audio mode is selected the Side Button won’t end a call. It will only turn the screen off.

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