Widgets Not Working On Mac in macOS Ventura? (Fix?)

widgets not working on Mac

Widgets not working on Mac

Widgets not working after macOS Ventura update? Do you get blank widgets in Notification Center on Mac? ‘People failed’ error message might be displayed too, as glances aren’t loading any data!

Widgets Not Working On Mac In macOS Ventura

This issue has been reported after the macOS 13 Public Beta 5 & Developer Beta 7 updates.

Most widgets are blank and not loading any info. Some of them display the People failed error.

Widgets not working are: Weather, Reminders, News, Notes, Photos.

Working Widgets: Calendar, Clock, Find My, Podcasts, Screen Time and Tips.

Do you experience problems with the same widgets? Share it in the comments please!

Important: If you haven’t updated to macOS Ventura 13 PB 5 already, you might want to think twice if you’re a fan of the Notification Center widgets.

How to Fix Widgets Not Working in macOS Ventura

Restarting Mac doesn’t help, as blank widgets persist even after several reboots.

At the time of writing, there’s no fix for this macOS Ventura bug.The only option is to be patient until Apple issues another Beta that addresses this issue.

(Update, September 15)
A fix has been provided via email by Brock P. It involves running a few Terminal commands:
Important: Use this fix at your own risk! It might brick all widgets if not applied properly.

Update: Fix has been removed. Not working as expected!

  • 1. Open Terminal using Spotlight Search (cmd+Space).
  • 2. Paste and run the following command: defaults delete com.apple.notificationcenterui; killall NotificationCenter
  • 3. Restart Mac.
  • 4. Run in Terminal: open -a NotificationCenter
  • Does it help? Confirm it in the comments!

Important: We’ve submitted feedback for this issue and have added the link to this article as reference.

If you encounter the same macOS Ventura widget problems please share your feedback in the comments. It will show how widespread the issue is.

Did you manage to find a workaround for this macOS 13 widgets bug? Or you encounter other issues? Use the comments to share your feedback.

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