iOS 14.0.1 Software Update Includes 5 Bug Fixes For iPhone And iPad

ios 14.0.1 includes 5 bug fixes

iOS 14.0.1 includes 5 bug fixes

Apple has just rolled out iOS 14.0.1 (Build number 18A393)! The first software update to iOS and iPadOS 14 comes 8 days after the public release and includes five bug fixes for your iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14.0.1 is a minor 172,5 MB update that can be easily installed over-the-air from the Settings app. All that you have to browse for General -> Software Update and tap Download and Install. Provide your Passcode, agree with the terms and conditions and be patient until the update is downloaded, prepared for update, verified and installed on your iPhone or iPad.

The entire iOS 14.0.1 update process shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes. However, if you encounter problems such as iPhone stuck on Preparing Update, Terms and Conditions, Verifying Update or Apple Logo you can check the most common troubleshooting tips provided here.

To be on the safe side, you can perform a full iPhone backup before beginning the update process.

5 Bug Fixes In iOS 14.0.1

  • 1. Patches a bug that causes the reset of the default web browser and Mail app when the device was rebooted.
    Tip: This is an iOS 14 new feature that allows third-party apps to become main browser and mail client on iPhone or iPad for the first time.
  • 2. Fixes a glitch that was preventing images from being displayed in the stock News widget!
    Important: This most likely impacts third-party widget too and could be a solution for the annoying Widgetsmith grey screen bug, and Color Widgets problems with image not displaying.
  • 3. Solves a situation that could prevent ‌iPhones‌ from connecting to Wi-Fi networks.
  • 4. Handles a problem that prevented email sending with some mail providers.
  • Fact: Users had reported this problem for third-party mail apps like Spark.

  • 5. Eliminates a bug that was stopping camera previews from working on ‌iPhone‌ 7 and 7 Plus.

Fact: For the security content of this software update please visit

iOS 14.0.1 Update Video

You can take a closer look at how we updated from iOS 14.0 to iOS 14.0.1 in just under 17 minutes:

Apple has also released similar bug fixing software updates for iPad (iPadOS 14.0.1), Apple Watch (watchOS 7.0.1) and Apple TV (tvOS 14.0.1).

Have you updated to iOS 14.0.1? What’s your feedback compared to the public release?

Other iOS 14 Important Bugs

iOS 14.0.1 is very recent and we couldn’t find out yet if fixes for the other common bugs are also included. If notice a fix for one of the above please inform us via the comments section:
mute Ringer and Alerts bug
missing Widgets in Add Widget panel