How To Fix iOS 14 Bug That Mutes Ringer And Alerts

iOS 14 bug mutes Ringer and Alerts

iOS 14 bug mutes Ringer and Alerts

A bug experienced by many readers after updating to iOS 14 causes random muting of all Ringer and Alerts on iPhone. This can lead to alarms not ringing, and causes users to wake up late or miss other important calls and notifications.

We couldn’t reproduce this glitch and reports about it are contradictory. Some claim that they’re alarm actually did not work, while others mention that it’s just a visual glitch and as soon as they exit the Sound & Haptic menu and return to the screen, the Ringer And Alerts display the correct volume settings.

How To Check If Ringer And Alerts Are Muted

how to check ringer and alerts volume on iPhone
To make sure that you’re not impacted by this issue check the Sounds & Haptics settings screen before going to bed, or setting an important alarm. Open the Settings app and tap on Sounds & Haptics. Check the Volume bar, available in the ‘Ringer and Alerts’ section. If it’s muted and you don’t have set it like that, you have a problem.
Tip: You can also create a new alarm that should ring in 2 minutes and double-check if the iPhone’s alarm clock actually rings or not!

3 Ways To Fix iOS Ringer And Alerts Bug

1. Double Check
Tap Settings, in the top-left corner of the screen to return to the main Settings page. Next, tap on Sounds & Haptic again to return. Is the ringer and alerts volume still muted?

2. Force Quit Settings
To confirm if the glitch is just a visual bug you can terminate Settings and open it back to see if iOS 14 accidentally mutes Ringer And Alerts or it’s just a display problem.
How To: Swipe-up & hold to enter App Switcher and dismiss the Settings card to force close the app. From the Home Screen, tap on Settings again and check if the Ringer and Alerts volume bar is displaying the correct level.

3. Reboot iPhone
Last but not least, reboot your iPhone and check of this solves the Ringer and Alerts muting problem. You can simply shut your iPhone down and power it back On, or use the iPhone force restart trick.
Tip: Keep the ‘Change with Buttons’ option disabled to make sure that you avoid any accidental muting of ringer volume when pressing Volume buttons.

Updated (October 15)

4. Disable Face ID Attention Aware Feature

One of our readers from Belgium, Stef, has just commented to this article with a potential solution. Please try it too and let us know if this fixes the random muting of Ringer and Alerts on iPhone in iOS 14:
how to fix mutes Ringers and Alerts bug in iOS 14

  • 1. Open the Settings app.
  • 2. Scroll for Face ID & Passcode.
  • 3. Type your Passcode to access the settings.
  • 4. Disable Attention Aware Features!
  • Fact: This function allows your iPhone to check for attention before lowering the volume of some alerts. Apparently, this is the setting that triggers the iOS 14 mutes Ringers and Alerts bug. Turn it off and it should solve the issue!

Updated (November 17)

5. Update to iOS 14.3 Beta?

how to download iOS 14.2 beta
Is this Ringer and Alerts bug still causing you problems in iOS 14.2? We’re getting mixed reports about it. Use the comments section available below to share your feedback.

Personal Feedback: While we haven’t experienced unexpected Ringer volume muting in iOS 14.2, we started noticing that audio playback volume in apps such as YouTube goes haywire, without touching the controls. Again, this appears to be related to Attention Awareness. In my personal case, my daughter was moving around while watching a video and the Volume bar started acting out of control moving up or down. The iPhone was positioned in landscape mode. As as she stopped moving the Volume also stopped changing.

What’s Next?
Apple has started the iOS 14.3 beta testing period. If Ringer, Alerts and Audio playback are still randomly muted on your device you can attempt to upgrade to iOS 14.3 Public Beta and see if it helps. Check out this a detailed how-to guide!
Do let us know if you go for it and manage to fix this annoying bug!

Fix iPhone Ringer And Alarms Video Tutorial

Watch this video guide and see a detailed presentation of all the troubleshooting methods discussed here:

We’ve send a feedback report to Apple about this bug. The problem should be solved in iOS 14.2! We appreciate if you can share your feedback regarding this issue. Comment if you have experienced the iOS 14 mutes Ringer And Alerts bug and if you found any other way to troubleshoot it!

Important: iOS 14.2 is currently plagued with a new issue that causes missing notifications in Messages!