iOS Predictive Text Activation Shortcut

ios predictive text shortcut

iOS Predictive Text Shortcut.

iPhone keyboards will never be the same with iOS 8. Predictive Text is a highly welcomed new addition that will fast-forward your typing experience. Your iPhone is one step more intelligent and able to provide almost perfect suggestions for your next word. This way you’ll be able to type a whole sentence with only a few taps. You’ll need the same time frame as you would have used, for typing a word, without using the predictive typing feature.

Apple have introduced a handy shortcut that allows an iPhone or iPad user to instantly enable or disable this iOS QuickType feature. That’s particularly useful if you’re not fully accustomed with predictive typing yet and intend to use it only when writing emails or other larger texts.

iOS Predictive Text Shortcut
In order to have access to the Predictive Text ON/OFF switch you need to add the Emoji keyboard, from the ‘Keyboard’ setting. So, the iOS QuickType shortcut is accessible by tapping and holding the Emoji keyboard icon, available on the left side of the space bar. A small pop-up opens up and there you have the predictive typing ON/OFF knob for enabling or disabling this feature. Nearby, on the other side of the space bar you also have access to the internet address typing shortcut.

How Does iOS Prediction Work?
Your iPhone observes your typing style, stores the information and uses the gathered data to predict your typing pattern. After using this feature for a while you’ll notice that iOS provides almost perfect suggestions once it reads your style.
What’s even more impressive is that it does adjust its suggestions depending on:
– the type of message that you are writing. So, if you type a message, the suggested words are brief, casual and use your most common expressions. Situation changes when you type an email, as predictive text will provide much more formal suggestions.
– the contact you are typing too also influences the predictions. With the help of iOS relationships and past conversations your iPhone knows that you chat with family, friends, boss or coworker and suggests words accordingly.
– the type of conversation is also anticipated by your smartphone. So if your partner asks a question, your iOS device will provide word suggestions for your reply even before you type the first letter.

Predictive Search Demo Video
Check out the following tutorial and see how to activate iPhone QuickType via the keyboard shortcut and how this cool iOS feature works.