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Tag: Predictive Text

iphone unwanted keyboard auto-correction

How To Disable Auto-Correction When Typing On iPhone And iPad

If you’re new to iOS or have recently started using your iPhone and iPad for typing in multiple languages, there is a high chance that you might be annoyed by the Auto-Correction feature, an option that is automatically enabled in your iPhone’s built-in keyboard. This automatically replaces words that you type, with the correct spelling…

ios 11.1 multiple emoji suggestions feature

iOS 11.1 Adds Multiple Emoji Suggestions To The Predictive Keyboard

A new feature coming with the first major iOS 11 iteration is that the Predictive Keyboard is now able to provide multiple emoji suggestions. In previous iOS 11 firmware versions your iPhone and iPad was able to link a single emoticon to a keyword. We all know how much attention Apple gives to the emoji…

ios predictive search shortcut

iOS Predictive Text Activation Shortcut

iPhone keyboards will never be the same with iOS 8. Predictive Text is a highly welcomed new addition that will fast-forward your typing experience. Your iPhone is one step more intelligent and able to provide almost perfect suggestions for your next word. This way you’ll be able to type a whole sentence with only a…