iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Leather Case From Nomad (Hands-On)

iPhone 12 leather case from Nomad

iPhone 12 leather case from Nomad

Apple has released the iPhone 12 lineup exactly one week ago, and the first units will reach their buyers in the upcoming days. Case manufacturers have done their homework too and are already selling iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max cases, to make sure that your new device can be protected from day 1.

Nomad Goods Inc is one of the most popular leather iPhone case manufacturers on the market. The company was kind enough to send some samples and in this article we’ll take a look at the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Rugged Case!

iPhone 12 Pro Nomad Leather Cases

iphone 12 pro leather cases black, brown and pink
Available Finishes: Black, Brown and Pink.

iPhone 12 Rugged Case Packaging

You know that you’ve received a premium case as soon as you start unboxing it. Nomad’s iPhone 12 leather case comes in a custom made luxury-style box, that opens and closes with the help of a magnetic flap. The packaging is rectangular-shaped, and the color is a posh looking graphite shade.

The box looks like a book that has the iPhone 12 Rugged Case printed on its cover. The backside shows one of the cases durability features. A print with Nomad’s Horween leather case is split in two, showcasing how the case will look after 100 days of usage, when compared to Day 1.

What Is Horween Leather?

The leather type used to manufacture this case comes from one of the oldest tanneries in the United States. We’re talking about vegetable-tanned later from Chicago, Illinois!
iPhone 12 leather case packaging by Nomad

Horween Leather Features

Besides the premium feel the appearance is also special. Nomad’s iPhone 12 leather case develops a unique patina as the leather matures over time!
A dark shiny sheen emerges as the case is worn out and exposed to the elements. Practically, the case becomes nicer with time, similar to a bottle of red wine that tastes better with ageing.

iPhone 12 Drop Protection

Besides the premium materials, that protects your iPhone’s back and edges from scratches, the case also comes with a 10 ft (3 meters) drop protection, thanks to the built-in internal bumper.

Nomad Leather Case Facts

On top of the features mentioned above you should know that Nomad’s Rugged Case for the iPhone 12 also includes a smooth inside surface.
iPhone 12 leather case details
The bottom cutouts for speakers, lightning port are precise and finely executed.
Additional cutouts are available on the backside to accommodate the iPhone 12 dual-lense camera system, or the iPhone 12 Pro triple-lens camera module with with the revolutionary LiDAR sensor.
Fact: The camera cutout has raised lips that provide additional lens protection.

A smaller cutout is available in the upper left edge to provide easy access to the Mute/Silent switch.

Last but not least, the Volume Up, Volume Down and Side Buttons are nicely crafted. A stripped pattern provides better grip when clicking them.

Both left and right edges have indents in the button area. This allows you to easily feel along the edge and reach the commands without even looking at your phone.

Nomand Leather Case Maintenance

Nomad leather conditioner shipped in the box The iPhone 12 leather case is designed to last but if you want to make the most of and really go to the distance you have to use a leather conditioner. The good news is that the balm is included in the package.

Important: Before proceeding, you have to know that applying a conditioner on light Horween leather colors will darken the shade. You can test it out first on a less visible area to check if you’re satisfied with the end result.

How To:
When you first receive your Horween leather case use a small amount of conditioner, the equivalent of a grain of rice to add an additional layer of protection.
Use a clean cloth and easily spread the conditioner across the entire backside of the case.
Tip: If you accidentally pour too much balm, whipe out the excess that doesn’t soak into the leather.
Lastly, gently buff with a clean cloth before you start using the case. Repeat this process whenever you feel that the leather is dehydrated.

iPhone 12 Leather Folio Cases

iPhone 12 leather folio cases
Available Finishes: Black, Brown.

Tip: Need additional conditioner. You can purchase it separately from Nomadgoods.com

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