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iPhone 14 Pro camera rattle

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattles When Shaking Device? Normal?

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattles when you shake the device? Are you hearing a loud noise from the back camera module when you gently pad the phone on the back? It’s most likely coming from the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) system….

shaking iphone xs

Cause For iPhone XS Rattling Sound When Shaking

You’ve just upgraded to the 2018 iPhone flagships and are hearing a rattling sound when shaking the iPhone XS or the iPhone XS Max? Your first impression is that there is a loose part within the internals. You consider taking your device back to Apple in order to ask for a replacement unit? Don’t panic!…

Undo/Redo typing iOS 7

The Shake your iPhone Trick to Undo or Redo Typing

This is a very cool iPhone trick. I bet that many of you don’t know about it. It’s particularly helpful when you use your iPhone’s keyboard to type a message, an address or any written input. If at some point you change your mind and wish to delete the text, you can shake your device…