iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shaking, Vibrating, Buzzing? (Fix?)

iphone 14 pro camera shaking snapchat

iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking Snapchat

Is your iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking like crazy? The entire camera module vibrates and makes a strange buzz? Does this happen when you use the camera with third-party apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp and similar?

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shaking Issue

This problem has been reported by Zoe:

“…camera is shaking and making a strange noise! Image is very wobbly … impossible to take picture in Snapchat!”

This appears to be a widespread issue as we’ve found similar reports and even a few videos on Twitter:

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Wobbling & Vibrating

Apparently, the Optical image stabilization (OIS) is not working properly and camera lens starts moving heretically!

This must be a software issue because it seems to get triggered when the camera is opened via third-party apps like Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, banking apps (for ID verification) and others.

(Update, September 18)

Workaround For iPhone 14 Pro Camera Issue

iphone 14 pro snapchat camera fix

  • Open Snapchat and switch to the front facing camera to avoid the main one from glitching out.
  • With the front camera selected, close the app.
  • Re-Open Snapchat and switch from front to back camera. The OIS should work properly this time around without shakes and vibrations! Does it?
  • Credits: Thanks Anthony and ChubaPapi21 for this fix!

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Camera Problems

Most likely, Apple changes something with the API call for third-party apps and these apps have to be updated to match the changes, or there is an iOS 16 OIS bug that’s triggered by these apps. Here is what you can do:

1. Reinstall Apps

Try to fix this issue by deleting and re-installing the apps that cause iPhone 14 camera problems.

Tip: You can use the offload feature in: Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> [app name] -> Offload app -> Reinstall.

Fact: This makes sure that you have the most recent app version downloaded from the App Store.

2. iOS 16.1 Beta

Another option requires you to update to iOS 16.1 public beta and see if Apple has already patched this bug.

Our advice is to wait it out though until beta 2 is released, because the current beta comes with an annoying iPhone 14 Pro GPS bug!

Have you managed to fix iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking problems? Do you have a better solution? Are you also affected by this issue? Share your feedback in the comments. We’re reporting this issue to Apple and the more confirmations the higher the priority!

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