The Original Apple Iphone 5s Case

apple iphone 5s red case

Original Apple iPhone 5s red case.

Protecting the back and all sides of your iOS smartphone is nicely accomplished with the original iPhone 5s case. This is one of the best cases released by Apple, providing premium quality which is first of all confirmed by the $39 pricing. However, it’s a cost worth paying for an elegant extension of your phone which provides protection.

This case comes in multiple color options which include: black, red, brown, beige, yellow and blue. It’s made of premium leather and Apple advertises it as “looking and feeling luxurious”.
The smooth real leather adds a nice grip to your iPhone, while the interior of the case comes with suede fabric, a very smooth microfiber material, on the inside in order to protect the back of your device.

Positive Aspects

– slim and slick
– tight and protective
– feels and looks great
– provides good grip
– premium materials

Flaws and Errors

There are not many errors reported for this case, however there is one big flaw that can’t be excused, from my point of view. If you tune your iPhone 5s with this accessory you will be stunned when you realize that your device won’t fit in your original docking station!!! I simply can’t imagine how Apple forgot to take this in consideration!
Other complaints talk about the wear of the case, suggesting that the durability is poor and it gets dirty easy. These can be subjective opinions though. The wear and tear really depend from one user to the other and on everyones understanding of how to care for a product.

Tricks and Tips

If you do worry about the premature wear of this case, we suggest you to pick the black color, or any dark shade. The black color won’t look dirty even if the leather gets worn.
If you do opt for a light color and it gets worn out can solve the issue with a leather cleaner and solve the problem.

How to Install

Installing the iPhone 5s case is very easy. You have to insert your Apple device in the case, from the side, buttons first, inclining the phone at and about 45 degree angle for a rapid fit. Check the video listed below for a clear demo.

The original Apple iPhone 5s case is a recommended accessory for your smartphone. Combine it with a screen protector and you will accomplish full protection of your Apple device.

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