iPhone Network Lost Error: Your Selected Cellular… (Fix!)

iPhone network lost error

iPhone Network Lost error

Are you getting the Network Lost error showing up on iPhone screen every few minutes? The popup informs that “Your selected cellular network for ‘(null)’ is no longer available”? The options are to ‘Dismiss’ or open ‘Settings’?

iPhone Network Lost Error

network lost your selected cellular
This issue has been reported by Smush on our iOS 15.2 review page:

“Getting network lost popup! Your selected cellular network is no longer available…”

Apparently, this is a carrier problem and not one cause by iOS 15. We’ve found similar reports on Reddit. It affects the new iPhone 13 models as well as older iPhones.

How To Fix Network Lost iPhone Error

This popup seems to get triggered most frequently when the users changes location, especially when traveling from an urban area with good cellular coverage, to a remote location.

If the iPhone is not allowed to change networks automatically it might fail to stay connected and display the Network Lost error!

To fix it proceed as follows:
iphone network selection settings

  • Open Settings and tap on Cellular (Mobile Data).
  • Go For Network Selection.
  • Turn On Automatic.

Fact: This will allow your iPhone to auto search and connect to the carrier network based on the SIM card that’s inserted on the device or registered virtually!

Does this help? Have you managed to get rid of the Network Lost popup error? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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