How To Fix ‘Unable To Join Network’ WiFi Error In iOS 15

unable to join network wi-fi error

Unable to join network Wi-Fi error.

Do you get the Unable to join the network error on your iPhone in iOS 15? This is a new popup that informs you about a potential Wi-Fi issue! Your device detected that the network is operating on WiFi channels that are in use by several other nearby networks. This can lead to interferences and performance issues!

How To Fix Unable To Join Network Wi-Fi Error

So, if your WiFi connection acts glitchy, is lagging or not performing as usual, iOS 15 (iOS 16) recommends you to restart your wireless router!

The reasoning behind this is that a reboot might allow your WiFi router to automatically reconfigure and choose the best channel to use, in the current circumstances.

Update (October 10)

Disable MAC Filering

Joseel informs that disabling Mac filtering solved this issue on an ASUS router.

Tip: You can turn Mac Filtering back ON if you disable Private Address (it turns on automatically after update). Disable Private Address in Settings -> Wi-Fi -> tap the ‘i’ icon next to the network name and turn Off Private Wi-Fi Address.

Fix has also recently been confirmed by Angus for the Unable to Join Wifi network error in iOS 16:

“After ios 16 update last night, same problem as above posters. turn off the Private Wifi-Address option or add the Private MAC Address shown to the MAC Filter Allow list, solved it for me.”

How To Restart Wi-Fi Router

Wireless routers can be restarted both manually or via their software interface.

Some reboot a WiFi router by turning it OFF and then back ON, however this might not cause a full restart. Instead I recommend you to do the following:

  • 1. Turn your Wi-Fi router or modem OFF, by unplugging it from the power outlet!
  • 2. Wait for 30 seconds and then plug it back in to the power source.
  • 3. Allow the device one or two minutes to turn back ON. If it doesn’t press the power button to start it manually!

Important: Don’t confuse restart (reboot) with reset. Resetting a WiFi router implies whipping out all the info, including settings and WiFi passwords. That’s not what the ‘Unable to join network’ WiFi error suggests you to do!

How To Restart WiFi Router From Safari

  • You can also reboot your router by tapping the address into Safari.
  • You will have to log-in. Depending on the type of your wireless router the credentials are either admin (username), admin (password), or any other strings that you’ve configured.
  • In the admin panel you will find the Restart Wi-Fi router option!

Why Is This New Wi-Fi Warning Helpful?

Users that live in an apartment building or any other location that has lots of nearby WiFi networks will find this new popup quite useful.

Most hotspots are set to automatically select the less crowded Wi-Fi channels, however sometimes having a popup that informs you about a possible set up problem can be very useful and help you to quickly solve WiFi problems.

Often when Wi-Fi networks are slow, they’re dealing with a channel problem caused by interference. It takes time for a WiFi router to change channels. Getting the notification will allow you to rush the change via the restart procedure.

Trick To Check Wi-Fi Channels Used By Nearby Networks

Unfortunately iOS 15 still doesn’t allow Wi-Fi to show the available channel numbers. However, there is a workaround:
how to configure airport utility app to scan for channels

  • 1. Download Apple’s AirPort Utility app (direct link).
    Fact: You don’t need an AirPort compatible device for this to work!
  • 2. Open Settings on your iPhone and scroll for AirPort Utility. Tap it.
  • 3. Enable the Wi-Fi Scanner option.
  • how to check wifi channels on iphone

  • 4. Return to the AirPort Utility app and tap on Wi-Fi Scan available in the top-right corner.
  • 5. Go For Scan.
  • 6. Tap on the detected nearby networks to get info about channels, frequency, noise and more!

Has the ‘Unable to join the network’ error been fixed on your iPhone after restarting your router? Did you perform other fixes in order to solve it? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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