Limit IP Address Tracking Setting On iPhone In iOS 15.2

Limit IP Address Tracking on iPhone

Limit IP Address Tracking on iPhone

A new setting called Limit IP Address Tracking setting is available in Cellular Data (Mobile Data) Options on iPhone? Is this is a new iOS 15.2 feature? Or only an extension of the iCloud Private Relay option that was already available in the Wi-Fi network settings?

What Does Limit IP Address Tracking?

Limit IP Address Tracking In Cellular Data Options
When enabled, this feature helps your iPhone or iPad to avoid being tracked online by hiding your IP address from known trackers in Mail and Safari.

You can enable or disable IP tracking separately for your cellular provider and the various Wi-Fi networks that you’re using.

Fact: According to Apple, when you disable Limit IP Address Tracking you also turn Off iCloud Private Relay for the specific connectivity!

How To Toggle Limit IP Address Tracking

If Private Relay is enabled on your iCloud account, Limit IP Address Tracking will be also turned ON by default for your cellular and Wi-Fi network connections.

To turn them On or Off separately proceed as follows:

Limit IP Address Tracking For Cellular Data

limit ip address tracking for cellular data

  • Open Settings and tap on Cellular (Mobile Data).
  • Go for Cellular Data Options (Mobile Data Options).
  • Use the toggle next to Limit IP Address Tracking to change its state.

Limit IP Address Tracking On WiFi Networks

limit ip address tracking on WiFi

  • Open Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the ‘i’ icon available next to [Wi-Fi network name].
  • Use the toggle next to Limit IP Address Tracking to change its state.
  • Fact: This is the same setting labeled as iCloud Private Relay in the previous iOS 15 versions.

Limit IP Address Tracking Facts

Are you wondering if iCloud Private Relay and Limit IP Address are one and the same?

private relay turned off and Limit IP address tracking enabled

Disabling iCloud Private Relay doesn’t turned off Limit IP Address tracking in Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Networks.

Disabling Private Relay in iCloud Settings won’t automatically turn off Limit IP Address Tracking for cellular provider and Wi-Fi networks.

However, Limit IP Address Tracking and iCloud Private Relay seem to relate to the same feature. That’s why the iCloud Private Relay option in Wi-Fi networks has been replaced with Limit IP Address Tracking.

limit ip address tracking in ios 15.2

iCloud Private Relay replaced with Limit IP Address Tracking in iOS 15.2.

Nevertheless, Limit IP Address in Cellular Data Options is available for non iCloud+ subscribers too! That’s confusing isn’t’ it?

Are you seeing the new Limit IP Address Tracking option in Mobile Data or Wi-Fi networks settings? Are you an iCloud+ subscriber? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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