Mordheim, Galaxy Trucker & Le Parker Free For The First Time Ever (Save $10)

3 App Store games gone FREE.

3 App Store games gone FREE.

If you’re looking to enlarge your iOS games collection, now it’s a great moment to download three highly rated apps that have gone free for the first time ever! I’m talking about a multi player turn-based arena strategy game, a retro-style plarformer and a great adaptation of a board game. But enough with the suspense here are the titles: Mordheim: Warband Skirmish which usually retails for $3.99 and is now downloadable for free, Le Parker Extraordinaire most recently sold for $1.99 available now as now a “GET” app!

The third App Store sale featured in this article is represented by Galaxy Trucker Pocket valued at $4.99 and now available for installing for no cost! Grab all three offers and save up to $10. Note that these apps have never been free before! All games have iPhone and iPad versions.

mordheim warband skirmish app store1. Mordheim: Warband Skirmish ($3.99 -> FREE)
Device: iPhone and iPad.
Software: iOS 8.1 and newer.
Storage: 696.3 MB.
Explore the ruins of the Mordheim city and clash with similar warbands. Collect Wyrdstone on your way and use them to strengthen your faction. When the game starts you can choose betweem Reiklanders, Middenheimers and Marienburgers. Good luck!

le parker extraordinaire app store 2. Le Parker Extraordinaire ($1.99 -> FREE)
Compatibility: iPhone and iPad.
Requirements: iOS 9.0, Storage: 687.6 MB.
Impersonate the great chef Le Parker and help him rescue the princess and recover his secret recipe. Guide him along this culinary quest throughout the kingdom, assemble a kitchen by uncovering secret utensils and bake the King’s favorite deserts to earn Le Parker’s place back in the castle’s kitchen.

galaxy trucker pocket app store3. Galaxy Trucker Pocket ($4.99 -> FREE)
Compatibility: iPhone and iPad.
Requirements: iOS 6.0, Storage: 121.1 MB.
Build your own space ship and fly through space. Dodge meteors and fight against bad guys. Earn credits for your accomplishments. Play against AI or online via other human players from all around the world.

Fact: Be aware that these discounts are for a limited time only and are available at time of writing. Please issue a comment if you notice that one of the apps becomes paid again!

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