Neo Monsters, Dink Smallwood & Other Apps Gone Free During Week 42 (Save $31)

free apps of the week 42

App Store Free Apps of the Week 42.

Just one week before a predicted massive Halloween App Store apps sale, I’ve managed to put up a collection of 11 iOS applications that have gone free or are heavily discounted these days. Please hurry up as all offers are for a limited time only. Tap the name of the apps available below to open the official App Store download page and grab the available deals! Double-check and make sure that the promo is still available.

If you manage to grab all deals listed here you can save up to $31. Among the biggest discounts I can highlight BrainWave Tuner which usually retails for $4 and is now available free of charge and Twilight Struggle, an iPad only game that focuses on the Cold War geopolitics. It usually retails for $10 and now it’s available for $3.

Free Apps Of The Week 42
1. Neo Monsters ($0.99 -> FREE) – Become a champion monster trainer. Assemble your team and tackle numerous challenges!
2. Dink Smallwood HD (2.99 -> FREE) A classic role playing game for both iPhone and iPad. Control Dink, a simple farmer, and manage to save a world of dragons and knights.
3. Starborn Anarkist ($2.99 -> FREE) – A space shooter, available for iOS only, that’s rated 5 out of 5 stars in the App Store!
4. BrainWave Tuner – Binaural beats & white noise ($3.99 -> FREE) – 29 brainwave entertainment tacks that will help you relax your brain with the help of an iPhone / iPad and a pair of headphones.
5. Mr. Jack Pocket ($2.99 -> $0.99) – Help the famous Sherlock Homes to find and arrest Jack, a maniacal serial killer!
6. Potion Explosion ($2.99 -> $0.99) – The official adaptation of the award winning board-game with the same name.
7. Santa Video Call & Tracker Pro ($2.99 -> $0.99) – A great app that will entertain your loved ones. Video call Santa and have your personalized conversation with the most beloved character on the planet!
8. Blyss ($2.99 -> $0.99) – A former App Store Free App of the Week featured software, is now on sale again!
9. Anchor Pointer ($3.99 -> $1.99) – Find your way with this Navigation app for your iPhone and iPad. A great software for travelers, hikers and outdoor livers. Save a location, in the wild, that you reached for the first time and be able to easily comeback with the help of your iOS device.
10. Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels ($4.99 -> $1.99) – One of the most loved card-game is now also available on your iPhone and iPad. Jaipur is on sale for a limited time only!
11. Twilight Struggle ($9.99 -> $2.99) – A historic game for your iPad. Play the politics of the Cold War and avoid the nuclear war.

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