New Month Calendar Widget For Home Screen (iOS 15)

New Month Calendar widget in iOS 15

New Month Calendar widget in iOS 15.

A minor but very useful change coming in iOS 15 is the new Month Calendar Widget for the iPhone and iPad Home Screen. The built-in Calendar app already features three widgets in iOS 14, but having the entire month laid out in a small sized widget was never available!

Why is the Month Calendar widget so efficient? Because it allows you to view the current month at a glance. Did you ever try to plan something ahead and wondered what weekday a specific calendar date is? Now, you’ll know that June the 24th is a Thursday just by glancing at your iPhone’s Home Screen!

How To Add The Month Calendar Widget

how to add Month Calendar widget to Home Screen

  • Long-press on a free area of the Home Screen until the Edit mode is activated and apps start to jiggle.
  • Tap the + icon, available in the top-left corner to bring up the widget gallery.
  • Scroll or search for Calendar.
  • The Month Calendar widget is the first one available. Tap Add Widget.
  • Fit it to the appropriate place on your Home Screen. You can place it as a standalone widget or hover it on top of another small widget to create a Smart Stack.
  • Tap Done when ready.
  • Fact: As all other Home Screen widgets the Month Calendar glance isn’t interactive. It won’t highlight events or show what’s next on your daily schedule. For this you need to use the medium or large sized Up Next widgets!

All Calendar Widgets Available In iOS 15

In iOS 15 the Calendar app comes with five widgets. The new entries are Month Calendar and Up Next Hourly.
iOS 15 Calendar Home Screen widgets
– Month Calendar (small): Helps you to view the current month at a glance
– Up Next (small): Shows the current calendar day, the weekday as well as the next upcoming event.
– Up Next (medium): Display todays event as well as other upcoming ones.
– Up Next (large): Helps you to keep track of upcoming events and meetings. Is able to display multiple upcoming entries.
– Up Next Hourly (large): Is providing a detailed hourly view of your today schedule.

Fact: Tapping any of the Calendar widgets available on the iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 Home Screen brings up the Calendar app.

Quick Action: Long-pressing the Calendar widget doesn’t bring up any hidden option. You can only Edit Home Screen or Remove Widget.

Do you plan to use the new Month Calendar widget? Use the comments section and let us know. Do you have any other questions about the Calendar app? Don’t hesitate to ask.

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