Personal Hotspot Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15.5

personal hotspot not working on iphone

Personal hotspot not working on iPhone

Personal hotspot not working on iPhone after updating to iOS 15.5? Devices can detect your hotspot, but aren’t able to connect? Do you have problems with changing its password? It seems that the current iOS version comes with a personal hotspot bug.

Personal Hotspot Not Working In iOS 15.5

iphone personal hotspot not connecting
This issue was reported by Sam in the comments section of our iOS 15.5 review page:

“Upgraded to 15.5 (19F77) and personal hotspot no longer works. It shows up but never connects devices.”

We’ve tried to replicate the issue and found a serious of personal hotspot glitches:

  • First, changing the Wi-Fi password did not work. No matter what letter and number combination of 8 or more characters I used, kept the Done option greyed out. This means that it’s impossible to save the changes.
  • personal hotspot password not working

  • Then I’ve noticed that the my iPhone’s Personal Hotspot was showing up in the Wi-Fi network section of another iOS device although the option was disabled on my device.
  • Another personal hotspot issue allowed devices to connect to the network provided by my iPhone without requesting the Wi-Fi password. (Edit: Password requests are bypassed if Family Sharing is enabled, or if you’re trying to use a device that’s signed into the same iCloud account!)

How To Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working

1. Reboot iPhone

Most of the above personal hotspot problems that we encountered have been fixed after force restarting the iPhone.

However, Sam informed us that none of the standard troubleshooting option worked for personal hotspot not connecting devices:

“I’ve tried to reboot, I’ve tried airplane mode, I’ve tried resetting network settings, I try to force restart, I’ve contacted my carrier to see if the settings could be updated, and nothing has prevailed. ”

2. Rename Personal Hotspot

Our next suggestion is change the name of the personal hotspot. It might force other devices to ‘renew’ the connection and the glitch might be bypassed.

how to change iphone personal hotspot name

The iPhone personal hotspot automatically takes the name of the iPhone. You can change it in Settings:

  • Browse for General -> About.
  • Tap on Name.
  • Change the name of your device and hit done (on keyboard).

Tip: Reboot your device one more time and try to use personal hotspot once again. Are devices connecting to it?

Have you managed to fix personal hotspot on iPhone? Did any of the above tips help? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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