iOS 15.5 Features, Issues And Bug Fixes For iPhone & iPad

iOS 15.5 update

iOS 15.5 update

Apple has released iOS 15.5 update with build number 19F77. It brings more functionality to the the Apple Cash card as well as enhancements to the Apple Podcasts app. Other new features and bug fixes are also mentioned in the release notes.

iOS 15.5 comes more than two months after the release of iOS 15.4 and, 6 weeks after the bug fixing iOS 15.4.1. It’s the 5th major update to iOS 15!

iOS 15.5 Download

iOS 15.5 download
As usual, this update is available over-the-air. Your iPhone and iPad will automatically update if this option is enabled. However, you can also force the update right away in Settings:

  • Browse for General -> Software Update and iOS 15.5 should pop-up on the screen.
  • Tap Download and Install.
  • Provide your Passcode and be patient until the 673.8 MB update file is downloaded and prepared for update.
  • Tap Install Now and wait until iOS 15.5 / iPadOS 15.5 is verified and deployed on your device.
  • Fact: iPhone or iPad automatically reboots to conclude the update process.

iOS 15.5 Features

Unlike iOS 15.4, this 5th major update of iOS 15 doesn’t have a rich update log. The release notes mention only two new features:
iOS 15.5 release notes

  • Wallet app allows Apple Cash customers to request money from their Apple Cash card.
  • Apple Podcasts comes with a new setting that allows users to limit episodes stored on iPhone and automatically delete older ones.
  • Any other changes spotted in iOS 15.5 are listed below:

  • Weather app has a new feature that allows you to improve the forecast by sharing info about the current weather in your location. (Credits: donpadron in the comments section.)

    report current weather feature in iOS 15.5

  • Home app now allows users to check HomePod WiFi signal strength.

    HomePod wifi signal strength in iOS 15.5

  • Universal Control in iPadOS 15.5 is not a beta feature anymore, which means that a lot of the bugs must have been filtered out.
  • Sensitive Locations in Photos make sure that places included in this categories are left out from memories.
  • ‘Close This Tab’ button has been moved one spot lower in the Safari quick actions menu. For easier, access, it’s now located below the ‘Move to Tab Group’ option.
    (Credits: heathen_the_rays on Reddit.)
    Safari close this tab option relocated in iOS 15.5
  • To be updated!

iOS 15.5 Bug Fixes

The release notes mention a single bug fix:

  • An issue where Home automations triggered by people arriving or leaving might fail! (Fact: This doesn’t seem to be fixed yet as HomePod users that updated to version 15.5 claim the contrary!)
  • Other issues fixed by iOS 15.5 are listed below:
    frequently visited websites in Safari iOS 15.5

  • Frequently Visited websites feature in Safari seems to work again as expected!
  • To be updated!
  • Fact: The security content of the iOS 15.5 update is available here.

iOS 15.5 Issues

Unfortunately, most new releases also allow minor or more significant problems to slip through the beta testing phase. Any new bugs spotted in this release are listed below, along with available troubleshooting tips:

  • Universal Control not working between MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. (Reported by: speer | Workarounds available here.)
  • Camera lags when opening. Requires more time to focus. (Reported by: Robert, iPhone 13 Pro Max | Workaround: Restart iPhone.)
  • iPhone battery draining faster, device overheating. (Reported by: sridhar | Workarounds discussed here.)
  • Personal hotspot no longer works after iOS 15.5 update. (Reported by: Sam | Workarounds presented here)
  • iPhone not able to dial or receive phone calls after iOS 15.5 update. (Reported by: Erasmus | Workaround: Restart device.)
  • Scrolling not working properly content unexpectedly returns to the top. (Reported by: Third | Workaround: Read here. )
  • No sounds on iPad after iPadOS 15.5 update. (Reported by: Treniece | Workaround: – )
  • Front camera showing black screen after iOS 15.5 update. (Reported by: precious, iPhone XS Max | Workaround: Updated here.)
  • Autocorrect and auto-capitalization stopped working after iOS 15.5 update. (Reported by: Evelyn | Workaround: here.)
  • iPhone battery not charging to 100 after iOS 15.5 update. (Reported by: Usama | Workarounds provided here.)
  • To be updated!

Have you updated iPhone or iPad to iOS 15.5 / iPadOS 15.5? What’s your feedback? Use the comments section and share any enhancements, new issues or bug fixes that aren’t covered in this article!

We will review them asap and update the content!

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