Swipe On The Text Selection Menu To Unveil More Options

swipe left and right to browse ios text options

Swipe left and right to browse iOS text options.

Whenever you wish to edit or select a text displayed on your iPhone, you have to tap the desired letter, word, questions or paragraph to unveil the available iOS options. A rectangular pop up flashes in, just above the selection point. Because of the size limitations, only a couple of options can be displayed in the initial line. Two arrows located on the edges of the editing box allow you to navigate and unveil additional options.

However, it happened to me not once, but several times, to accidentally mishit the tap on the left or right arrow and compromise the whole editing action. This is annoying and also time wasting. Fortunately, I recently discovered that you can Swipe on the Text edit menu to obtain the same result, achieved by the two arrows mentioned above.

How To Swipe Text Selection Menu
Reveal the additional text editing options by swiping left on the options box. Swipe right to return the initial ones!
Depending on what iOS app you’re browsing you can choose between: Select, Select All, Paste, BIU, Indent Right, Speak Sentence.
If you tap on Select or Select All a series of other options is revealed: Cut, Copy, Paste, BIU, Look Up, Speak, Share…, Indent Right, Spell.
Fact: The most Swipe Options for the iOS Text editor are available when you type a new text and want to edit it. If text is already available, for example when you read a webpage in Safari, you can use the same trick.

Swipe For Additional Text Options Video
Check out the video available below and see how this trick works.