Swipe Up For Control Center Not Working On Apple Watch?[Fix]

swipe up for control center not working watchos 10

Swipe up for Control Center not working in watchos 10!

Swipe up for Control Center not working on Apple Watch after watchOS 10 update? You’re getting the Smart Stack of widgets instead? This isn’t a bug, but intended behavior! Apple has changed the way controls and gestures work on the smartwatch!

Swipe Up For Control Center Not Working in watchOS 10?

This unexpected behavior has been reported by Zara:

“Swipe up for control center doesn’t work anymore after watchos 10 update!”

Fact: Indeed you can’t swipe up for Control Center anymore in watchOS 10. This action is now available with the help of the Side Button! Click it once to open Control Center and a second time to close it!

How To Fix Control Center Not Showing On Apple Watch

control center watchos 10 how to
There’s nothing to fix, excepting your muscle memory that makes you swipe-up for Control Center instead of the new Side Button click!

How To Open Control Center In watchOS 10

Besides the button press you can also ask Siri to open Control Center for you.

Tip: You can close Control Center on Apple Watch by clicking either the Side Button or the Digital Crown. In both cases you will return to the previous screen.

Important: Apple has revamped and changed most of the gestures and controls in watchOS 10. You can check the 10 new controls here!

Have you managed to get used to the new Control Center command? Are you experiencing any issues or have questions? Use the comments to share your feedback!

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