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Tayasui Calligraphy and Tayasui Blocks free download for a limited time only

Tayasui Calligraphy And Tayasui Blocks Gone Free For A Short Time (Save $3.99)

Two apps that have just gone free have caught our attention and have qualified for publishing. I’m talking about Tayasui Calligraphy and Tayasui Blocks two apps developed by Tayasui a French developer that owns over a dozen popular App Store apps. Both software normally retail for $1.99, but for a limited time only you can…

Tayasui Sketches Pro

Tayasui Sketches Pro Free App Of The Week 46

This week’s app gone free during the App Store App of the Week campaign is the highly appreciated sketching tool for your iPhone and iPad called Tayasui Sketches. The developer usually provides two App Store versions, a Free one that comes with a limited number of tools and layers and requires you to perform an…