tvOS 16.6 Issues, Bugs Fixed, Security Updates & More

tvOS 16.6 update

tvOS 16.6 update

Apple has released tvOS 16.6 build number 20M73 for Apple TV HD and later! It focuses on bug fixes and comes with lots of security updates! Ongoing issues and new problems are also tracked here!

tvOS 16.6 Issues

Problems reported for this version along with available workarounds are highlighted here:

  • 1. YouTube buffering and showing black screens after updating to 16.6 for lifereinspired.
  • 2. Youtube audio lagging or missing completely after ad finishes playing for this Reddit user.
  • 3. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

tvOS 16.6 Features

The What’s New section in the tvOS Settings doesn’t mention any new features. It’s stuck on the Apple Music Sing enhancement introduced in tvOS 16.2!

Fact: The Developer release notes also don’t mention any new features. In fact, the notes are empty.

tvOS 16.6 Bugs Fixed

Problems addressed in this release are covered here:

  • 1. HDMI CEC issue has been fixed in this version. Confirmed by davemacdo.
  • 2. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

tvOS 16.6 Security Updates

There are many vulnerabilities addressed by Apple in this update. The security content lists 17 of them for fields like:

  • Kernel, libxpc, WebKit and WebKit Web Inspector
  • Fixes: The problems have been solved with improved checks, restrictions, validation, state and memory management.

tvOS 16.6 Download

tvos 16.6 download

  • 1. This update is available in Settings -> System -> Software Updates for Apple TV HD, 4K and 4K (2nd gen.).
  • 2. Select Download and Install.
  • Tip: Be patient until the update is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and applied! Apple TV will automatically reboot to mark the end of the upgrade process.

Have you updated 16.6 on Apple TV? Having any issues not mentioned in this article? What about bugs fixed? Share your feedback in the comments!

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