WhatsApp Messenger Updates With Widget, Siri Functionality And New Call Answering Feature For iOS 10

WhatsApp iOS 10 Widget

WhatsApp iOS 10 Widget.

WhatsApp version 2.16.10 is now available for download. It’s an iOS 10 specific update that brings a series of new features to the popular cross-messaging platform. Perhaps the most welcomed one is the option that now allows iPhone users to answer incoming WhatsApp calls directly from the Lock Screen, the same way as they do with a regular phone call. Until the 10th iOS generation, Apple product users had to unlock their iPhone’s before being able to connect a call.

The iOS 10 Lock Screen redesign also inspired WhatsApp developers to code a widget for the messaging app. This way users can check their missed notifications and rapidly access the latest chats, directly from the lock screen. Swipe-right to unveil the Widget-view and tap on the desired thread to activate the shortcut. WhatsApp opens up instantly and brings up the requested conversation thread.

Tip: Recent Chats is the name of WhatsApp’s iOS 10 widget. To enable it open the widget view by swipping-right on lock screen view and scroll all the way to the bottom. Tap the Edit button and hit the green plus icon next to the Recent Chats label.

Last but not least, WhatsApp also receives Siri compatibility starting with iOS 10. This means that you can ask your iPhone’s virtual assistant to send a message or dial a call via the worldwide messaging app. However, these aren’t the only improvements coming with this latest WhatsApp roll out. Check the full update log available below and see everything that’s new.

WhatsApp 2.16.10 Update Log
whatsapp ios 10 update log – Forward a message and send it to multiple chats at once if needed.
– Chats that you frequently use are now listed when sharing or forwarding a message.
– New “Quick Forward” button for photos and videos in chats
– Double tap the screen to switch between rear and FaceTime camera when capturing a photo or video in WhatsApp
– New Widget acts as a shortcut to your recent chats and shows unread notifications (iOS 10 only).
– Siri can send WhatsApp messages or dial voice over iP calls (iOS 10 only).
– Answer WhatsApp calls directly from iPhone Lock Screen (iOS 10 only).

How To Update TO WhatsApp For iOS 10
Simply tap on this WhatsApp App Store link and hit the Update label available next to the WhatsApp logo. If you don’t own the app yet and want to start using it, the GET button will be displayed instead of the UPDATE label. Hit it and the app will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone. Configure it by providing your phone number and typing the activation code that you receive via SMS from the WhatsApp platform.

Fact: Lock Screen WhatsApp call answering doesn’t work if receiving iPhone runs in Low Power Mode. The device won’t even ring because of battery saving limitations.