WiFi And Cellular Bars Not Showing On iPhone In iOS 17? Fix!

cellular bars not showing ios 17

Cellular bars not showing on iPhone in iOS 17.

Cellular bars not showing on iPhone after iOS 17 update? WiFi signal is also missing from the status bar? Only time and battery are displayed when viewing the Home Screen? You’re not the only one affected! This is a glitch!

Cellular Bars Not Showing On iPhone?

This issue has been reported by Elias (iOS 17.0):

“Cellular signal is missing from the status bar when browsing the home screen for me too!”

We couldn’t replicate the problem but have found similar complaints on Reddit:

“Cellular Data Bars and WiFi not appearing while on the Home Screen.”

WiFi Signal Missing Too?

Apparently, both cellular and WiFi bars fail to display in the status bar next to the battery icon, when iOS 17 is displaying the Home Screen. Are you experiencing the same? Share it in the comments!

How To Fix Cellular Bars And WiFi Signal Not Appearing

According to info provided by affected users, you can do the following to fix this visual glitch:

1. Switch Screen

For a quick fix open an app, bring up the Control Center or the Lock Screen!

The idea is to switch away from the Home Screen. This should bring back the carrier bars and WiFi signal in the status bar!

2. Cycle Airplane Mode

If the above doesn’t help, turn On Airplane Mode from the Control Center.

Wait a couple of seconds and turn it back Off.

Fact: This will force the device to reconnect to the network and forces the Wi-Fi and Cellular signals to show on the Home Screen. (Thanks Michael for sharing this fix.)

3. Reboot iPhone

If the cellular signal and wifi bars glitch is reoccurring you might have to restart your device.

A reboot will bring back the missing bars in the status bar and should work as a permanent fix, or at least a longer lasting one.

Tip: Use the force restart combo!

WiFi And Cellular Signal Not Showing iOS 17 Video

Check out our YouTube video and see the above fixes in detail:

Have you managed to fix carrier and WiFi bars not showing on iPhone? Do you have a bette solution or a similar problem to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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