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how to fix iPhone 12 No Service issue

How To Fix iPhone 12 No Service Problem (Poor Cellular Signal)

A bunch of readers have mailed us to report that the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro flagships are displaying the No Service status bar message! The problem is that this issue occurs when the new flagships are used in areas where older iPhone models did not experience cellular coverage problems….

Performing an iPhone cellular call from a nearby Mac

How To Make And Answer iPhone Cellular Calls On Your MacBook, iPad or iPod Touch

If you’re new to the Apple environment you might not be aware about how easily iOS, macOS and watchOS devices integrate with each other. As long as you use the same Apple ID across all your devices you will be able to receive messages and pick up calls on any of them. When you’re working…

ios 13 low data mode for iphone

How To Use iOS 13 Low Data Mode To Reduce iPhone Cellular And Wi-Fi Data Usage

Similar to the Low Power Mode that Apple introduced back in iOS 9, the iPhone gets a welcomed Low Data Mode feature that helps users reduce the data usage over cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Although in most cases Wi-Fi and cellular data plans are quite affordable nowadays, there are still services that charge additional fees…

5ge connectivity for at&t customers

What Does The “5G E” Icon Displaying On My iPhone Mean?

If you’ve updated to iOS 12.2 or later and you’re an AT&T customer you could notice a new cellular connectivity icon displaying in the top-right corner of the screen. The “5G E” symbol is a new controversial abbreviation that replaces the “LTE” icon for some AT&T iPhone owners. However, don’t get too excited because this…

iphone xs max before and after fix lte speed test results

How To Fix The iPhone XS Max Low Cellular Data Download And Upload Speed

You wouldn’t expect a $1200 handset to provide lower LTE download and upload speeds when compared to its predecessors wouldn’t you? Neither did we, but our own tests and several reports from our readers, as well as those from many other iPhone XS Max users from around the world, confirm that the most expensive iPhone…