30 App Store Apps That Support 3D Touch For iPhone 6S

launch center pro 3d touch quick action menu

Launch Center Pro 3D Touch quick action menu.

With users already receiving the new iPhone 6S and 6s Plus models, it’s time for our first review of App Store apps that have just been updated with support for these flagships and provide 3D Touch functionality. Whether they provide Apple Watch-like Force Touch features or they’re already equipped with the revolutionary Peek and Pop system, they’ve received an entry on our list. You’ll notice that some software only provide 3D Touch features within the app, while others also provide pressing options on the home screen!

Do note, that this article covers only third-party applications. The 3D Touch compatible apps have to be updated to their latest iOS 9 version, in case you already own them, or need to be freshly downloaded and installed, if you’re a first time user. Either way, you’ll find the download links, along with detailed explanation about what 3D Touch options they provide, in the inventory listed below.

Third-Party App Store Apps With 3D Touch
Tap on the apps’ name listed below, to find out more about the software, or jump directly to the App Store download link.
1. Dropbox (FREE) – Provides 3D Touch options from home screen which include: Most Recent Files / Folders, Offline Files, Upload Phots & Videos, Search. Within the app you can press lightly on your screen to Peek and preview a folder. If you go deeper (Pop), you’ll open the folder.
2. Instagram (FREE) – From within the app, in the grid view you can Peek a photo to expand the post in question. You can also activate shortcuts by 3D touching and username and get specific user profile options.
3. Pinterest (FREE) – Press lightly on the screen to Peek pins and go deeper if you want to Pop in them.
4. Shazam (FREE) – Get a name for a specific song with a single tap by pressing firmly on the Shazam icon available on your home screen.
5. Things ($9.99) – Quick actions menu accessible via 3D Touch from the home screen incon. Options include: New To-Do, Inbox and much more.
6. Esfresco ($4.99) – A handy invoicing app that has just updated with 3D Touch support for the new iPhones.
7. WeChat (FREE) – A social networking app that comes with a 3D Touch Quick Actions menu. Press firmly on the app’s icon available on the home screen to: mute for 1 hr, start new chat, take a photo and show your QR code.
8. Camera+ ($2.99) – A professional photography app that has sold over 10 million copies. It provides the following 3D Touch Quick Action menu: Take Photo, Take Selfie, Take Macro, View Lightbox.
9. HIPSTAMATIC (FREE) – Is another camera app that is currently free for a limited time only. It supports 3D Touch providing home screen shortcuts, as well as the Peek and Pop feature, within the app. Press lightly on a thumbnail to preview the image and go deeper to launch the editing mode.
10. Carbo ($7.99) – Is a great productivity app that converts handwriting and sketches to the digital format. Has just updated with 3D Touch Quick Actions for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
11. OpenTable (FREE) – Manage your restaurant reservations from your iOS home screen, by pressing ligthly on the OpenTable icon. Choose between favorites and upcoming reservations. From within the app, press on a restaurant search result to find out more info.
12. PDF Expert 5 ($9.99) – A helpful app if you read and edit PDF files from your iPhone and iPad. Comes with 3D Touch shortcuts from the home screen.
13. Sky Guide ($2.99) – Learn more about the constellations with this educative app. 3D Touch support includes home screen shortcuts for: Favorites, Search, or Satellites. Within the app you can Peek and Pop articles from the search results.
14. Travelex (FREE) – Be in permanent control of your funds while traveling or at home. Press firmly on the app’s icon on your iOS homes screen to access rates on US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, GBP, Euros and more.
15. Workflow ($3.99) – This productivity app is currently discounted with %20 to celebrate iOS 9 and 3D Touch. You can use it to automatize your actions on your iPhone. Features include: animated GIF creation, create home screen icon for calling a favorite contact and much more. Get Quick Actions from iOS home screen and press firmly on the screen from within the app on a workflow to preview it and go deeper to dive right in.
16. Chairish (FREE) – A free App Store apps that helps you decorate your home or earn money from helping others. 3D Touch brings home screen shortcut for creating a new listing. You can also peek and preview products from within the gallery.
17. Launch Center Pro ($4.99) – It’s another productivity app that speeds up tasks on your iPhone. Preset certain actions and complete them with a single tap. Quick actions menu includes shortcuts for : QR Code Reader, New Event, Tweet GIF , Message [contact].
18. Storehouse (FREE) – Share collections of photos from your iOS device with the help of this Photo & Video app. Press firmly on the app’s home screen icon for hidden shortcuts.
19. Particle News (FREE) – News app that promises to scan millions of daily articles to provide you the best info about a selected category. Pressing firmly on the app’s home screen icon displays a preview of the breaking news.
20. Genius Scan (FREE) – Scan your documents on the go and stored them in PDF or JPEG files. 3D Touch comes with Quick Actions menu offering the following selections: Scan with Camera, Scan from Photos or Scan from Cloud.
21. AG Drive ($3.99) – One of the first App Store games that integrates 3D Touch. Race spacecrafts along Earth’s future cities. Press firmly on the screen to activate boost or to look down the scope of your rifle.
22. Bumpn (FREE) – A social networking app that is based on appreciating other user’s photos. The harder you press on a post the more hearts you’ll award to the user.
23.Documents 5 (FREE) – A documents and file manager for iOS. 3D Touch quick actions menu includes: Open Recent, Favorites, Full Text Search, Open Browser.
24. Scanner Pro ($2.99) – The 6th version of this powerful iPhone scanner is now on sale. Grab it with a 50% discount and take advantage of the Force Touch features available on the home screen. You’ll find shortcrust for new scans from Camera or Photos.
25. Skins Pro Creator ($1.99) – A number one Utility app in 12 countries. The popular Minecraft skin creation tool has now updated with 3D Touch and iOS 9 support.
26. Press Coffee ($2.99) – If you’re a coffee addict you’ll love this software. Create notes about cups you’ve drunk and pin them on the map. Comes with brew timers that help you brew the perfect coffee. 3D Touch supports offers rapid access from the home screen to Quick Brew recipe or start entering a new drink.
27. Evil Apples (FREE) – A kinky card game that will surly contribute to some excellent moments with your pals. 3D Touch to be added within the next update!
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