5 New Animoji Features In iOS 12

ios 12 memoji examples

iOS 12 Memoji examples.

Animojis have been introduced with great success along with iOS 11 and the iPhone X. One year later, iOS 12 is ready to roll out with and improved version of Apple’s already famous animated emojis. This feature works only for iOS devices that are hardware-wise equipped with the TrueDepth camera system. The iPhone ‘Ten’ qualifies as well as all three 2018 iPhone models, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 9 (estimated names, we’ll update the official labels on September 12, after Apple’s keynote).

If you’re new to the Animoji environment, you have to know that these interactive smiley faces are able to reproduce the expression of your face. You can record a video message while impersonating a lion, a bear, a dragon, a skull and many other faces, all of them are listed here. You can then send your artwork via the Messages app to a contact, or use your disguise while performing FaceTime calls (new in iOS 12)!

5 New Animoji Features In iOS 12
new animoji in ios 12 1. New Animoji Options:
Of course that no Animoji improvement can skip the addition of a wider area of selection when it comes to these funny animated faces. iOS 12 adds to the list a Tiger,a Koala, a Ghost and the spectacular T-Rex, as pictured in the print-screen embedded nearby! You can check the other already available Animojis here and here.
On top of that you also have the option of creating your own Animoji, that’s called Memoji. However, I’ll detail this below!

2. Extended Recording Time:
In iOS 11 Animoji messages could have a maximum length of 10-seconds. This limit is increased in iOS 12, up to 30 seconds. Nevertheless this might still be to short if you want to record an Animoji karaoke clip. Here are a few tips though, that will help you record the perfect Animoji karaoke video.

animoji tongue recognition 3. Improved Face Tracking:
Besides adding extra faces to choose from Apple has made the Animoji experience even more accurate. Better face tracking and the tongue detection feature are enhancements that will delight all animated emoji lovers.
The TrueDepth camera system and iOS 12 can now detect when you stick out your tongue. The system is also able to recognize a wink and make your Animoji even more animated!

animoji and memoji in ios 12 group face time call 4. FaceTime Support:
Another important new addition is that you can use the Animoji feature during FaceTime calls, which allows you to talk in real time with your contacts while disguising your face with one the funny animated emoticons. Of course, that you can also use a Memoji!
What’s also coming in iOS 12 is the much awaited Group FaceTime option which allows a real time video conference between more than two users, up to 32 participants!

ios 12 memoji customisation panel 5. Memoji Feature:
What’s really exciting about the Animoji environment is the fact that you can build your own personalized
Animoji, called Memoji! You have a wide array of customization options to choose from like: skin color, hair tone, eye shade, eyebrow type, nose configuration as well as other options like freckles, a beard or other type of facial hair, accessories and even headwear! All this helps you create an Animoji as close to your own looks as possible!
Fact: There is no limit on the amount of Memoji you’re able to customize, so you can chance looks as often as you want! Memojis are also available in FaceTime calls!

With Memoji, you can make a personalized Animoji in the Messages app that looks just like you using a deep set of customization options. You can choose skin color, hair color, hair style, eye color, eyebrows, nose, features like freckles and facial hair, accessories, and headwear.

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