AirPlay Not Available On iPad With External Display In 16.2?

airplay is unavailable on ipad

Airplay is unavailable on iPad

AirPlay not available on iPad anymore when connected to external display? Getting the ‘AirPlay is unavailable while an external display is connected’ error when trying to airplay on iPad running iPadOS 16.2 beta?

AirPlay Is Unavailable On iPad?

This unexpected behavior has been reported on Alan (iPadOS 16.2 Beta 4):

“This beta won’t allow me to airplay to homepod while an external display is connected. It worked in the previous version. Hope it’s a temporary change.”

This change has been also confirmed on Reddit:

“Airplay no longer working while an external display is connected (iPadOS 16.2 PB4).”

The change is announced by a popup entitled AirPlay which reads:
“AirPlay is unavailable while an external display is connected.”

Your only option is to tap OK and move on.

How To Fix AirPlay Not Available On iPad

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do about this at the moment.

Update, December 22:
The workaround for this shortcoming requires you to connect to the AirPlay device before connecting to the external display.

This fix has been provided by R. Pratz:

“Connect to HomePod speakers first, then connect external monitor.”

and confirmed by Tyler!

iPadOS 16.2 has been released to the public on December 13. Apple might have tweaked this feature only temporary until external display issues are fixed.

If you want to AirPlay music or other audio from iPad to HomePod or another device, and the above workaround doesn’t help, you have to disconnect the external monitor. It’s a deal breaker, we now.

Tip: If you see this post in time, don’t update to Beta 4 and stay on Beta 3. Airplay with external monitor works in the previous iPadOS 16.2 betas.

Have you managed to find a better workaround for Airplay not working on iPad when external display is connected? Do you have other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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