AirPods Pro 2 Battery Replacement Notification Error (Fix?)

airpods pro 2 battery replacement notification

AirPods Pro 2 battery replacement notification

Are you getting AirPods Pro 2 battery replacement notifications on iPhone, iPad or Mac, from the Find My app? Does it show up as a CRITICAL alert that’s entitled ‘Item Battery is Low’ and asks you to ‘Replace the battery on left soon’? Getting the same for the right AirPod and the case too?

AirPods Pro 2 Battery Replacement Notifications

airpods pro 2 replace battery
This issue has been reported by Lucy Me:

“I’m seeing a CRITICAL notification that tells me to replace battery of my brand new airpods pro 2! Is this a bug?”

This problem has been also confirmed on Reddit and the MacRumors forums.

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How To Fix AirPods Pro 2 Replace Battery Soon Error

Apparently, the Find My app confuses AirPods with AirTags and whenever the battery levels are low a notification is generated to alert the user that the battery has to be replaced.

This is explainable, because AirTags don’t come with re-chargeable batteries.

Fix: Don’t panic. Ignore the notifications, bring the AirPods in their case and connect them to wired charging or the MagSafe charger. Most likely, your wireless earbuds are just fine and this is a software glitch that has to be corrected in an upcoming update!

Fact: The AirPods Pro 2 battery replacement notifications might be generated on connected devices that run older iOS versions, like iOS 15.7 or earlier and macOS 12.6 or earlier.

In these versions the Find My app is not updated with the new AirPods Pro 2, that have been released a couple of weeks ago and that come with Find My integration and precision finding features thanks to the new U1 chip!

Have you managed to fix this 2nd gen AirPods Pro battery replacement error? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Use the comments and share your feedback.

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