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AirPods Pro Free Service for Crackling Sound

AirPods Pro Crackling Sound & Noise Cancellation Service Program

Apple has finally acknowledged the AirPods Pro crackling sounds problem and Active Noise Cancellation issue! The company has launched a service program! This means that if you own a pair of AirPods Pro you can bring them in to an authorized Apple Service Provider and have them fixed free of charge!…

iPhone 12 Volume Buttons manufacturing flaw

Different (Uneven) iPhone 12 Volume Buttons Problem Or Not?

Are your iPhone 12 Volume Buttons feeling uneven when you touch them? Do they react different when clicking, like Volume Up is softer than Volume Down? Is one higher than the other? It might not be just your rich imagination. Your brand new iPhone could be plagued with a small manufacturing imperfection….

brand new iphone 5s battery

How To Get A Brand New Battery For Your iPhone 5S / 5C For Under $15

Although the iPhone 5s is an Apple device released almost 6 years ago, it’s still quite popular among smartphone fans from all over the world. Because of its age there is a growing number of battery related problems for this model. All iPhones are equipped with Lithium-ion battery, which will naturally decrease in capacity as…

iPhone XS Max back panel replacement cost.

iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement Cost And Other Damage Fees

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are premium smartphones that’s for sure! However, after forking out 4-figures to own one of them you should take good care of the flagship unless you don’t want to pay mid 3-figures for a repair. Yes, an iPhone XS screen replacement is charged by Apple $279, while the…

ios 11.3.1 software update

iOS 11.3.1 Fixes Unresponsive iPhone 8 Touchscreens Repaired With Non-Genuine Displays

As expected Apple has rolled-out iOS 11.3.1 with the main goal of patching a bug that caused some iPhone 8 Touchscreens to become unresponsive. We’re talking about those devices that have been serviced by third party companies which use non-genuine replacement displays. It’s an issue that surfaced after the official release of iOS 11.3. We’ve…