MagSafe Charger Firmware Update 255 (10M1821) [Review]

MagSafe Charger firmware 255

MagSafe Charger firmware 255

Apple has released a new MagSafe charger firmware 255 also known as 10M1821, to replace the previous 247 (10M229) version. Most likely, this rollout fine tunes wireless charging for the new iPhone 14 models and the recently released AirPods Pro 2.

MagSafe Charger Firmware 255

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide any release notes. It’s unclear yet what’s new, but we’re most likely dealing with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fact: A series of iPhone 14 users have complained that their new devices are overheating faster than previous models during MagSafe charging and that the charing process is often paused to allow the phone to cool down!

More: We’ve also received reports of AirPods Pro 2 charging very slow wirelessly over MagSafe, prior to this update!

Credits: This update has been spotted by Macrumors.

How To Update MagSafe Firmware 255

MagSafe chargers update automatically, over-the-air, when the optimal conditions are met.

To force the update place your MagSafe compatible device (iPhone 12 or later) on the charger and keep it connected to the Internet while charging.

MagSafe Firmware Not Updating?

If your wireless Apple charger hasn’t upgraded yet, you might try to remove the case from your iPhone while charging.

According to Victor, this is the trick that unlocked the firmware 255 update.

How To Check MagSafe Charger Firmware

To see if your charger has updated to the most recent firmware, proceed as follows:

  • 1. Connect iPhone to MagSafe charger.
  • 2. Open Settings and browse for General -> Apple MagSafe Charger.
  • 3. Check the Firmware Version.

    Fact: If it shows it has already updated. If you see, or it means that your MagSafe charger is running an older firmware version.

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Has your MagSafe charger updated to firmware 255? Do you notice any improvements? What iPhone model are you using. Are the AirPods Pro 2 charging as expected? Share tour feedback in the comments.

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