All Unicode 10 Emojis Included In iOS 11.1 Beta 2

ios 11.1 beta 2 unicode 10 emojis

iOS 11.1 Beta 2 Unicode 10 emojis.

Apple has recently rolled out iOS 11.1 Beta 2 for Developers and will soon also roll out the Public test version for worldwide volunteers. As reported, one of the main features included in this new firmware is the inclusion of Unicode 10 compatible emojis. Hundreds of new icons are expected with the public release of iOS 11.1. Until then, 77 new smiley faces have been detected in this 2nd beta.

Check out the images uploaded in this article to discover all the new emoticons. The highly expected Love-You gesture emoji from the American sign language hasn’t been featured yet. It will be most likely included in the next beta. If you upgrade to iOS 11.1 Beta 2 you can send new emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, food types, animals, mythical creatures, curling and sledging icons, as well as various sports like hiking and yoga, a new UFO emoticon and various flags!

All iOS 11.1 Beta 2 New Emojis
all ios 11.1 beta 2 new emojis Tap the thumbnail available nearby to open up an image with all the 77 new emojis included in this 2nd iOS 11.1 beta version.
Description (from left to right): Crazy Face, Face With Raised Eyebrow, Face With Monocle, Face With Symbols Over Mouth, Exploding Head, Face With Hand Over Mouth, Shushing Face, Face Vomiting, Palms Up Together: Light Skin Tone, Brain, Child: Light Skin Tone (Girl, Boy), Bearded Person: Light Skin Tone, Adult: Light Skin Tone (Neutral), Woman With Headscarf: Light Skin Tone, Woman Mage: Light Skin Tone, Man Mage: Light Skin Tone, Woman Fairy: Light Skin Tone, Man Fairy: Light Skin Tone, Woman Vampire: Light Skin Tone, Man Vampire: Light Skin Tone, Woman Zombie, Man Zombie, Woman Genie, Man Genie, Mermaid: Light Skin Tone, Merman: Light Skin Tone, Woman Elf: Light Skin Tone, Man Elf: Light Skin Tone, Woman in Steamy Room: Light Skin Tone, Man in Steamy Room: Light Skin Tone, Coat, Socks, Gloves, Scarf, Billed Cap, Monkey, Bee, Grasshopper, T-Rex, Sauropod, Octopus, Dolphin, Wale, Zebra, Giraffe, Ram, Sheep, Hedgehog, Coconut, Broccoli, Pretzel, Cut of Meat, Sandwich, Bowl With Spoon, Canned Food, Dumpling, Pie, Fortune Cookie, Cup With Straw, Bowl, Takeout Box, Chopstix, Curling Stone, Sled, Woman in Lotus Position: Light Skin Tone, Man in Lotus Position: Light Skin Tone, Woman Climbing: Light Skin Tone, Man Climbing: Light Skin Tone, Flying Saucer, Orange Heart, Flag for Switzerland (SUI), Flag for England (GB-ENG), Flag for Scotland (GB-SCT), Flag for Wales (GB-WLS), Flag for Vatican (VAC).

Fact: iOS 11.1 is expected to be officially rolled out to the general public after the release of the iPhone X. Pre-orders for the 10th anniversary iPhone start October 27 and the first devices will be shipped and become available in stores on November 3.