Apple Music Black Background? Why? How To Undo!

Apple Music black background

Apple Music black background

Getting Apple Music black background for any song played in the app? Suddenly all Apple Music wallpapers are black and you’re looking for a way to fix it? Or, the contrary, you want to enable black backgrounds in AM? Here is how to!

Why Is My Apple Music Background Black?

We’ve mentioned this unexpected behavior when covering the iOS 16.3 Beta 2 release and have had readers report it as a bug:

“Apple Music black backgrounds for me too! Restart not helping.”

Black backgrounds in Apple Music show up when your device is set to show increased contrast and is in Dark Mode. If the black wallpapers show up and the above conditions are not met you’re most likely dealing with a bug.

How To Fix Apple Music Black Background

increase contrast settings ios 16

  • 1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • 2. Go for Accessibility -> Display & Test Size.
  • 3. Turn Off Increased Contrast.
  • Tip: If Increased Contrast is disabled and all Apple Music backgrounds are still black, try to reboot your device. You might be dealing with a temporary glitch.

How To Make Your Apple Music Black

dark mode control center

  • If you want the wallpaper to display black you have to turn On Increased Contrast in Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Size.
  • And enable Dark Mode In Control Center. Else you won’t get full blacks!

Did you manage to adjust the Apple Music black backgrounds? Do you have other questions or problems to report? Use the comments!

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