Apple Research App Updated With COVID-19 Survey

Apple Research app studies

Apple Research app studies.

Apple has launched an Apple Research app in the fall of 2019 in order to allow iPhone owners to volunteer and participate in various large scale medical researches. The app started with three big projects “The Apple Heart and Movement Study”, “The Apple Hearing Study” and “The Apple Women’s Health Study” which are still ongoing.

Recently, Apple Research has been updated with a new ‘Speech in Noise’ test that becomes a part of the Hearing Study. The new test aims to measure the hearing ability of participants in different circumstances, one of them being the presence of background noise. The second important addition coming with version 1.3 is a new COVID-19 related survey. This one is found in the Apple Heart & Movement Study and aims to allow a better understanding of the coronavirus pandemic on daily life.

How To Participate In Apple Research App Studies
Apple Research app Privacy claim 1. Download Apple Research for free, from the App Store, to your iPhone. (Direct link: here)
2. Open the Apple Research app.
3. Tap the Studies icon, available at the bottom of the screen.
4. There are currently three open studies available. Scroll to check them out. Tap on Learn More & Enroll to start contributing.
Tip: The COVID-19 related survey is available in the Apple Heart & Movement Study.

Important: The Apple Research app is mainly focused for the United States. If you tap the above download link and are prompted with the “App Not Available” message, it means that the software is currently not available in your location.

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