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Disney+ issues on Apple TV

Disney+ Issues On Apple TV (Black Screen, Freezing & More)

Are you experiencing Disney+ issues on Apple TV? Is the video playback flickering a black screen? Does the stream unexpectedly pause, causing frozen content on your TV set that’s running tvOS 15.5?…

Apple TV Remote firmware 0x0070

Apple TV Remote Firmware 0x0070 Update: Download, Features

The Apple TV remote firmware 0x0070 has been released by Apple! The new update is available for the 2021 redesigned Siri Remote. We’re talking about the grey remote with the updated interface that’s displayed in the image uploaded above….

tvOS 16 beta for developers

tvOS 16 Beta Download, Features And Bugs [Developers]

Apple has also released the first tvOS 16 Beta (20J5299n) for Developers, although the upcoming new software for the Apple TV hasn’t been previewed during the WWDC 2022 keynote. You can install it right now on any compatible Apple TV!…

tvOS 15.5.1 update

tvOS 15.5.1 Update Fixes Music Stops Playing Issue

Apple has released tvOS 15.5.1 (19L580), a minor Apple TV software update, to fix an issue that caused music to suddenly stop playing. This bug affects the HomePod too, so there’s also a new 15.5.1 version for the smart speakers too. tvOS 15.5.1 comes only 10 days after, 15.5, which was the 5th significant improvement…

tvos 15.5 update

tvOS 15.5 What’s New: Features, Bug Fixes, Improvements?

Apple has released tvOS 15.5 build number 19L570. It’s the 5th significant update to tvOS 15, and comes a little over two months after the release of tvOS 15.4. tvOS 15.5 is available for both Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD….