Apple Watch Activity Rings Disappeared From Watch Face (watchOS 8)

Activity Rings disappeared in watchOS 8

Activity Rings disappeared in watchOS 8?

Have the Apple Watch Activity Rings disappeared from your Watch Face? Is this happening daily, or several times a day since you updated to watchOS 8? The good news is that activity tracking continues normally, in the background, and the Rings are available in the Fitness app!

Apple Watch Activity Rings Disappeared ?

You’re not the only one. This bug has been mentioned by several readers including:

“Exercise rings periodically disappear on Watch Face. The numbers remain… It just started since WatchOS 8 update!”


“This is happening to me as well. At first it seemed that the rings would disappear immediately after completing a workout. But they disappeared on me 3 times yesterday. Happens on both the Activity Analog and Digital.”

How To Bring Back Apple Watch Activity Rings

Users affected by this watchOS 8 glitch have confirmed that only rebooting the Apple Watch will bring back the Activity Rings on the respective Watch Face.
how to force restart Apple Watch
Trick: You can apply the force restart combo described here, which requires you to simultaneously press and hold the Digital Crown and the Side Button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen!

Fact: Some have tried to switch between Watch Faces without any success. Restarting is the only way, but it can become annoying if the issue starts occurring several times a day.

Workaround For Missing Activity Rings

David S. informs that the Fitness rings work normally with the Meridian Watch Face.
So, if you’re tried of continuously troubleshooting this glitch, you could switch for it until Apple issues a software update with a fix!

Workaround To Check Activity Rings

Exercise rings in Activity app
When the rings are not displaying on the Watch Face, the numbers are still there. More, you can review the rings by opening Settings -> Activity on the Apple Watch, or by browsing the Fitness app on the paired iPhone!

Activity Rings Disappearing Causes

The exercise Rings tend to disappear after completing a workout, but they can also vanish out of the blue. We couldn’t determine an obvious triggering factor.

This is why we rely on your reports. If you’re also affected by the disappearing Activity Rings bug in watchOS 8, don’t hesitate to share your feedback using the comments section to provide more details. Do you have a better workaround?

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