Apple Watch Nightstand Mode in WatchOS 2

apple watch nightstand mode

Apple Watch Nightstand Mode.

One of the important new additions that become available starting with watchOS 2.0 is the option to bring your Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode. This is a special landscape display interface, that becomes handy, when the wrist gadget is charging during nighttime. It offers you the opportunity to continue to use your wearable, even if it’s lying on the nightstand near your bed.

Whenever, you wake up and touch the Watch, the display will light up and prompt you with the current time and date. It’s enough to touch the band, to trigger a reaction from your wearable. If the Alarm Clock app is set up, you’ll also know how much time there’s left until you need to jump out of bed. Snoozing is also available in case you’re the sleepy type. This new Nightstand feature practically makes the Apple Watch useful 24/7, even while it’s charging.

How To Enable Apple Watch Nightstand
apple watch nightstand snoozing As soon as watchOS 2 becomes available and you upgrade your terminal to the newest version, the Nightstand Mode will be activated by default, whenever you connect the Watch to the MagSafe charger, as long as you turn the device on its side!
You’ll also be able to tweak Nightstand feature On or Off from the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone. Browse to My Watch, tap on General and scroll to the Nightstand Mode setting. Toggle the knob to adjust the option as you prefer.

WatchOS 2 Nightstand Mode Facts
apple watch nightstand alarm – No matter what Apple Watch version you own, this new feature uses a green display color to inform you about current time and date. It’s the same tone used for showing charging progress in the initial watchOS release.
– The screen orientation is landscape, when Nightstand mode is on. This way you can place the Watch on its side and make it visible from a bed glance.
Battery level is displayed in the top-right corner, while a scheduled alarm is listed towards the bottom.
Alarms can be turned off or snoozed with the help of the side buttons. Digital Crown kills the alert, while the Side Button is used for delaying it.
Snoozing is displayed with an orange font and the remaining countdown is listed below the current date.