How To Fix The iPhone “Cannot Verify Server Identity” Error

Cannot Verify Server Identity error on iPhone

“Cannot Verify Server Identity” error on iPhone.

A pop up just appeared on your iOS device and states that the iPhone “Cannot Verify Server Identity”? Don’t panic and read on to detect the source of this error. It’s usually caused by the Mail app. If the text of the warning informs you that the identity of “” cannot be verified, it means that the mail server in question can’t be validated by a trusted authority.

This iOS error prompt comes with two or three action buttons. You can tap on Details and get access to more info about the server that isn’t validated, or hit Cancel to close the prompt, without solving the issue. In some cases there is also a third choice labeled Continue. Using this last option, allows you to close the prompt and continue using your Mail account. What to do though if the Continue option isn’t available? Read on and learn how to fix this annoying problem!

5 Ways To Fix The “Cannot Verify Server Identity” Error

how to power off iPhone 11 1. Restart iPhone
First of all, make sure that there’s no minor glitch that prevents your iOS device from functioning normally.
Turn off or hard reboot your iPhone and switch it back on a few moments later.
Next, open the Mail app and test if the problem is solved. If the error persists, proceed to step 2.
Fact: Use the same steps if you encounter the ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ error on an iPad!

how to delete mail account on iphone2. Delete And Add-Back Mail Account
This fix will reset the identity certificates of your email server. All that you have to do is:
– Open the Settings app and tap on Passwords & Accounts.
-> In the Accounts section, tap on the email account that’s causing the error.
-> Use the Delete Account option to erase it. Confirm your intentions and tap on the red Delete Account label once again.
-> Now, use the Add Account option in the same Passwords & Accounts menu, to add back the mail account that you just deleted. Does this fix the issue on your device?

how to disable use ssl feature for mail account 3. Disable SSL
In most cases, by this step, the “Cannot Verify Server Identity” problem should be solved. However, if the issues still persists here is what you can do next to troubleshoot:
– Open the Settings app once again and browse for Passwords & Accounts.
-> Tap on the mail app that’s causing problems.
-> Next, tap on the Account that’s registered with the app.
-> Go for the Advanced settings and disable the Use SSL feature.

how to set date & time automatically on your iPhone 4. Date & Time Fix
The “Cannot Verify Server Identity” bug can also be caused by a broken Date & Time setting available on your iPhone. Readers reported that allowing your iPhone to automatically set the time fixed this annoying error.
How To:
– Open the Settings app and scroll for General.
-> Tap on Date & Time.
-> Enable the ‘Set Automatically’ option.
Thanks: to ‘Atul’ for sharing this tip in the comments section!

how to reset network settings on iPhone 5. Reset Network Settings
If nothing else works you might have to reset your iPhone network settings. These include customized networks. A reset will restore the default values. So, if the ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ error is caused by an incorrect network setting, a reset should finally fix the issue:
– In Settings, select on General.
-> Scroll all the way down for Reset and tap it.
-> Tap Reset Network Settings.
-> Provide your passcode, if prompted.
-> Tap the red ‘Reset Network Settings’ label to confirm that you want to return to the network factory defaults.

temporary fix for the 'cannot verify server indentity' mail error Extra: Disable Fetch New Data Option
If nothing else works, you have one more temporary fix that will at least cause the ‘Cannot Verify Servery Identity’ error to display more rarely.
– In the Settings app, scroll for Mail and tap it.
-> Select Accounts.
-> Tap on Fetch New Data.
-> Disable ‘Push’ or set your iPhone to interrogate the mail server when you manually perform the command.

Does any of the above listed fixes work for you? Use the comments section available below, to share your experience!

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