Change Picture Greyed Out On Mac in macOS Monterey? (Fix!)

change picture greyed out on Mac

Change picture greyed out on Mac

Is the Change Picture option greyed out on Mac after updating to macOS Monterey? You’re not able to set desktop pictures to shuffle at a predefined time interval? This is a widespread macOS 12.0.1 bug!

Change Picture Greyed Out In macOS Monterey

This issue has been initially reported by Louise:

“It will only let me tick ‘Change picture every 30 minutes’ if I use Colours. What am I doing wrong? With Desktop Pictures the box is not clickable.”

confirmed by Sheila M.:

“I have the same issue. It does not let you select to change the desktop picture at any interval.”

and Chris B.:

“I am also having the same problem the check box to allow background images to change is greyed out.”

We’re also encountering the same issue when trying to set Desktop Pictures to shuffle in macOS Monterey.

How To Fix Desktop Pictures Shuffle Not Available

This appears to be yet another macOS Monterey bug. Here is what you can try to troubleshoot until Apple issues an official fix within the next software update:

1. Download All Backgrounds

download desktop pictures
Go for System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver and select Desktop Pictures in the left sidebar.
Scroll for the Desktop Pictures section and download background images that are not available yet, by clicking on the cloud icon, available in the top-right corner of their thumbnail.

Fact: The more desktop backgrounds downloaded the higher the chance of enabling the Change picture checkbox.

2. Force Restart Mac

If the above tip doesn’t work, you can try to hard reboot your computer:
Simultaneously press & hold the cmd (command) + ctrl (Control) keys along with the Power button until the screen goes blank and your Mac restarts!

3. Change Photos Folder

change picture not greyed out in colors backgrounds
The wallpaper shuffle option is working for user created folders. Change picture isn’t greyed out for Colors folder either.

Until Apple fixes this bug, you can select another photo folder available and set those backgrounds to shuffle!

4. Duplicate Desktop Pictures Folder

This is the best workaround that you can perform to bypass the Change picture greyed out bug. It requires you to create a copy of the Desktop Pictures folder and select it in the other folders section:

    browse desktop pictures in finder

  • 1. Open Finder and click on Go available in the top menu bar.
  • 2. Select Go to Folder and type /Library/Desktop Pictures.
  • 3. Copy all .jpg files from the Desktop Pictures folder.
  • copy desktop pictures in finder

  • 4. Click on Downloads, available in the left sidebar of the Finder window.
  • 5. Right-click on an empty area and select New Folder.
  • how to create new folder in downloads

  • 6. Name it ‘Copy of Desktop Pictures’ and paste all the backgrounds that you’ve previously copied.
  • paste files in new folder

  • 7. Go back to System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver and select Folder in the left sidebar.
  • 8. Click the ‘+’ icon and add the folder that you’ve recently created.
  • how to add new folder to desktop pictures

  • 9. Select the ‘Copy of Desktop Pictures’ folder and the ‘Change picture’ option shouldn’t be greyed out anymore.
  • 10. Select the desired timeframe and you’re ready to go! Does it work?
  • change picture not greyed out anymore

Have you managed to fix the shuffle Desktop Background not working on Mac? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share it with us!

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