Photos Slideshow Not Working On Mac In macOS 12 (Fix?)

photo slideshow not working on Mac

Photo slideshow not working on Mac

Are photo slideshows not working on Mac after macOS Monterey update? Is your computer only displaying the first image that you’ve selected and the animation freezes? The slideshow playback controls are unresponsive? Music is also not playing in the background?

Photos Slideshow Not Working

photos slideshow not working in macos Monterey
This seems to be a widespread macOS Monterey bug. It was initially reported by Joe:

“My Photo slideshow no longer works it will not advance only shows the first photo. When selecting the slideshow advance bar nothing happens?”

I could also replicate this issue on a MacBook Air and have noticed that the affected Photos slideshow themes are: Ken Burns, Origami, Reflections, Sliding Panels and Vintage Prints!

How To Fix Photos Slideshow Not Working

Apple will have to fix this bug via a macOS Monterey software update. The issue is most likely related with the screensaver black screen bug. Screen saver is also not playing when certain photo themes are selected!

Workaround For macOS Monterey Photo Slideshow Bug

how to fix photo slideshow not working
In the meantime you can still play slideshows with photos on Mac if you use the Classic and Magazine themes:

  • Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  • Open an album and select the photos that you want to see in a slideshow.
  • Tip: You can also right-click an imaged and create New Album. Add the photos that you want to include in the presentation. Or, just select them using Shift + Click in an existing album!

  • Right-click the selected images and go for Play Slideshow.
  • Select Classic or Magazine, available at the end of the Themes section.
  • A preview of the slideshow starts. If the animation runs it means that the slideshow will work. Click Play Slideshow and enjoy your pictures!

Are you also encountering this macOS Monterey photo slideshow issue? Do you have a better workaround? Use the comments section to confirm.

Fact: We’ve already reported this bug to Apple (Feedback No.: FB9734426) and added this post as a reference. Your confirmations might prioritise a fix!

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