How To Check Battery Health On MacBook Using Terminal App

battery health on Mac in Terminal

Battery Health on Mac in Terminal

Did you know that you can check Battery Health on Mac using the Terminal app? A simple command provides all the info about your MacBook’s battery, including design capacity, current Max Capacity, Cycle Count and more!

Battery Health On MacBook Not Available?

Battery Health not available on MacBook
In macOS Big Sur, Apple has expanded the Battery Health info to Macs. However, this new feature is only available on the new M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max powered computers.

All Intel-based MacBooks are missing the Battery Health button in System Preferences -> Battery.

How To Check Battery Health On MacBook

Battery Health info in Terminal
Fortunately, there is a way to calculate how healthy the MacBook battery is when compared to its new state. You don’t need any third-party software!

Tip: For best accuracy connect your Mac to a power outlet and let the battery charge to 100%. Keep it plugged in and perform the following steps:
1. Open Terminal app, from Finder or Launchpad.
2. Copy and paste the following command in Terminal: ioreg -l -w0 | grep Capacity
3. Press return to execute. The execution should look like this:

| | “AppleRawCurrentCapacity” = 6705
| | “AppleRawMaxCapacity” = 6705
| | “MaxCapacity” = 6705
| | “CurrentCapacity” = 6705
| | “LegacyBatteryInfo” = {“Amperage”=0,”Flags”=5,”Capacity”=6705,”Current”=6705,”Voltage”=8517,“Cycle Count”=160}
| | “BatteryData” = {“StateOfCharge”=100,”PMUConfigured”=0,”CellVoltage”=(4261,4256),”AdapterPower”=784,”LifetimeData”={“UpdateTime”=1637173843},”SystemPower”=1321,”Serial”=”-“,”DesignCapacity”=7150,”CycleCount”=160,”Voltage”=8518,”Qmax”=(7213,7160)}
| | “DesignCapacity” = 7150

4. Calculate Battery Health using simple maths:

“Design Capacity” represents 100%
“Max Capacity” is x (Battery Health).
The result is x = (“Max Capacity” x 100) / Design Capacity = (6705 x 100) / 7150 = 93.77%

Fact: This means that the current health of the battery is 6.23% less than it was in its original state.

What’s your result? Use the comments section, available below and share it! It would be great if you can also mention Mac model, age and the current amount of charging cycles.

Other Ways To Get MacBook Battery Health

If you don’t own a Mac that’s powered by Apple’s Silicone chip you can also check the Battery age with the help of a third-party app called Coconut. More details are available here.

Related: This article was inspired by the numerous reports regarding Battery Health issues on M1 Macs. Is your battery also aging faster than expected?

Credits: Thanks again Bill for sharing the above Terminal command that provides extended battery details including charging cycles and capacity numbers.