Did You Know This Handy iOS Text Capitalization Trick?

ios word capitalization shortcut

iOS word capitalization shortcut.

Enjoying your iPhone and iPad daily, comes together with an ongoing learning curve that helps you discover new tips and tricks about how to use your iOS device at its full potential. Today I’m sharing with you a handy text editing trick that makes the difference when you need to capitalize words from a text that’s already written within a mail, message or any other text input platform.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of hidden tricks that even many Apple power users are unaware of. Starting with the double spacebar tap to type a full stop at the end of a sentence, continuing with the unlimited number of typing shortcuts that you can create or using the 3D touch trackpad trick, only available from iPhone 6S onward.

But let’s get back to capitalization. You’re surly aware that you need to tap the Shift key to switch from lower case letters to uppercase ones and vice-versa. What if I tell you that you can use the shift key to capitalize an entire word, that’s already written?

ios word capitalization trick Trick:
1. Double-tap on the word in question to select it.
2. Double-tap the Shift key. The upper case version of the same word pops up in the autocomplete field, at the start of the list.
3. Tap on the suggestion and your selection will be capitalized.

Tip: Shake your iPhone if you want to undo the upper case trick!

Fact: To switch a capitalized word to lower case letters perform a similar trick:
1. Double-tap the upper case word to select it.
2. Tap Shift once to get the lower case version in the autocomplete list.
3. Hit the suggestion and your editing is done!