Download And Use iOS 12 Shortcut For Easily Searching Products On Amazon

scan and search Amazon shortcut

Scan and Search Amazon shortcut.

Another great new feature implemented along iOS 12 is the Shortcuts app which allows iPhone and iPad users to create various automation patterns for your daily, or frequently used smartphone actions. However, creating shortcuts can prove itself overwhelming for the majority of iPhone users. The good news though, is that once created, a shortcut can be shared with the rest of iOS addicts.

In this article I’ll show how to download and use a handy little shortcut, which allows you to use your iPhone to scan the QR Code of a product and automatically search for it on Amazon, so that you can order it straightaway or get price info. Ever since iOS 11, the iOS Camera app has received support for QR Code scanning. Your iPhone is able to automatically detect and read a QR or bar code via the native Camera app.

How To Grab And Use The Amazon Shortcut For iOS
scan and search amazon shortcut for ios 121. Make sure that the Shortcuts app is installed on your iOS 12 device. Here is the App Store download link in case you miss it.
2. You also need the Amazon app installed on your iPhone and iPad. If it’s not on your Home Screen, here is the App Store link.
3. Now download the actual shortcut by tapping here ( for, here (for or here (for Agree to open the link within the Shortcuts app and the shortcut will be saved and available from now on on your iOS device.
4. Tap on Search Amazon and the Camera app opens up on your iPhone or iPad.
5. Grab a product that you want to search for and point the bar code towards your device’s camera. Adjust the distance until the code is detected and you’ll get redirected to the Amazon app.

Fact: A search for the scanned product opens up. Order it, save it for later or just inform yourself about the pricing. If the product isn’t available on, you might be asked if you agree to switch for, or another Amazon store.

Tip: If you plan to use this shortcut often you can add it to your Home Screen for quicker access and even or even add it to Siri so that you can run the shortcut via voice command! Check out the video embedded below for more how to info.

Do you find this shortcut helpful? Share it with your friends and family please. For more iOS 12 features tap here!