Download, Install, Set Up and Use Gboard – Google’s Third Party Keyboard For iOS

gboard app store download page

Gboard App Store download page.

Google has just rolled-out Gboard for all App Store markets, after test driving it in the United States, for the last couple of weeks. The keyboard is a success and can easily be already considered as the best free third party typing option for iOS. It combines features like instant Google Search availability, Glide Typing as well as the Search and Send option. You can use Gboard whenever you type on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The only exception is when it comes to Passwords. The native iOS keyboard is the only input method for security strings.

It installs the same way as any other third party Keyboard does. You first have to download it from the App Store and then follow the instructions listed below to add it to your iPhone. Gboard currently rivals with Nintype, a third party keyboard released during iOS 8, that promotes unprecedented writing speed, with the help of Slide Typing and numerous gesture shortcuts for punctuation.

gboard setup instructions How To Set Up Gboard
After the app downloads and installs from the App Store you have to add it to your iOS Keyboard configuration. Open Settings app and browse the following path General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard. Select Gboard and the keyboard is configured. Now, tap Gboard again and toggle the knob next to the Allow Full Access label. This enables the Google Search feature within the keyboard.
Fact: Be aware that everything that you search is sent to Google, if you turn on Full Access. However Google clearly states that nothing else that you type is sent or stored on its servers.

How To Switch To Gboard
gboard google search Installing and setting up the keyboard isn’t enough. Whenever you need to type something on your iPhone (excepting Password) you can switch for the Google Keyboard by pressing the globe icon available on the left side of the Spacebar. In fact, you have to press, hold and slide your finger on the globe icon. until you reach the Gboard level.
You can easily recognize the Gboard interface by noticing the large G icon available in the top left corner of the keyboard. It’s the trigger icon for instant Google Searches. Tap it and type your search phrase. Results are displayed immediatley. Slide left or right to browse between various results.

Gboard for iOS Settings
You can tweak the Google Keyboard by opening the app from the home screen and pressing:
– Languages if you want to add another language.
– Keyboard Settings which allow you to enable or disable the following features: Glide Typing, Emoji suggestions, Auto correction, Auto-capitalization, Block offensive words
, Character preview, Show “.” on keyboard, Enable Caps Lock, Show lowercase letters
, and “.” shortcut (double taping the space bar inputs a full stop, followed by a space.).
– Search Settings allows you to enable or disable Predictive Text, Contacts search, Location Access (used to determine location for weather, nearby places and more) and Clear search history.
– Themes provides two default keyboard colors. You can also add your own image from the Photos app and use it as keyboard background
Fact: To personalize Gboard Theme visit, Settings, opt for Themes and add an image from your Camera Roll. Scale it according to your preferences.

adding gboard to iOS keyboard

Adding Gboard to iOS keyboards.

gboard settings page

Gboard Settings page.

pokemon go gboard theme configuration

Pokemon GO Gboard theme configuration.

gboard weather search How To Gboard on iPhone
With everything set up you only have to open a message thread or any other typing field and start sliding. If you ever used Nintype before, it will feel like second nature. Else you have to get through the learning curve, but don’t worry, it’s an easy process. Tap the Google log to interrogate the most popular search engine about a term that you are looking for. You can rapidly send the results to your chat partner for an enhanced digital conversation.

deselecting gboard keyboardReturn to stock iOS Keyboard
If you want to temporary quit using the Google Keyboard press the same Globe icon available on the left hand side of the screen and hit Next Keyboard. You can also brute forcefully remove Gboard by deleting the app from the Home Screen.

Tip: You can quickly reach the Gboard Settings page by pressing the Globe icon and opting for Settings.

Fact: The Google Keyboard runs stable ever since I installed it a few days ago. It’s a fresh app, version 1.1.0 and has room for improvement. But for zilch cash it’s definitely worth installing.