Duet Display For iOS Updates With New Pro Features And Goes On Sale

duet display predictive line feature

Duet Display Predictive Line feature.

The App Store app the turns your iPad into an extra screen for your Mac has just been updated with additional features for Pro members. Duet Display is the best selling iPad app in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and 17 other countries. We featured it on iPhoneTricks.org, last autumn, as it went on sale. This iOS app is now on sale again. Download it now for half of its original price, but also be ready to grab the Pro version, via an in-app purchase, if you want to be able to use features that turn your iPad Pro into a state of the art graphics tablet.

Did you know that a second screen can improve your work productivity by 40%? If you’re spending daily hours at the office, this purchase will pay itself off within the first days. On the other hand, if you’re already owning the Duet Display Pro app, you only have to update the software to bring the new Apple Pencil drawing features to your iOS tablet. Customizable pressure curve, Predictive Line or Advanced gesture control are the highly welcomed additions.

Duet Display New Features For iOS
duet display advanced gesture control – Customizable Pressure Curve: allows users to tweak the way macOS or Windows receives data input via the Apple Pencil. This brings a personalized drawing experience.
– Predictive Line: a helpful anticipation tool that predicts where the Apple Pencil is before it makes actual contact with the iPad’s display, increasing your drawing accuracy.
– New Gestures: have been implemented for both standard and pro Duet Display members. They help increase drawing speed. The only features from this section that are exclusive for Pro subscribers are the Undo and Redo shortcuts.
– Touch Bar has been also updated with improved stability, speed and compatibility for more apps.
– Pixel Perfect image refresh setting is a new feature for Pro users only, that improves rendering speed and quality!

Tip: Duet Display for iOS usually retails for $19.99. Now, it’s on sale, to celebrate the new features. Grab it here at half of the price, that’s $9.99. To become a Pro user you need to spend an additional $19.99 for the respective in-app purchase. In case you’re already a Pro user, simply update the software from the App Store app available on your iPhone or iPad!