Hearing Aids Keep Disconnecting From iPhone (iOS 16.5.1 Fix)

hearing aids disconnecting from iphone

Hearing aids disconnecting from iPhone

Hearing aids keep disconnecting from iPhone after iOS 16.5.1 update? Connection lost issue occurs shortly after you start using the accessory, or whenever iPhone connects to another Bluetooth device? This is a common problem!

Hearing Aids Disconnecting From iPhone?

This unexpected behavior has been reported by Shannon:

“My husband has Oticon hearing aids. After installing iOS 16.5.1 they randomly turn off and on. I tried rebooting, and repairing.”

It’s not the first time when hearing aids connecting problems are reported. We’ve covered similar problems one year ago, after the release of iOS 15.6.

The issues seem to have flared up again after iOS 16.5 update as confirmed on Apple’s discussion forums:

“I am using Signia Motion C&G P 1X hearing aids. Before the update to iOS 16.5, everything was working fine. After I have updated to 16.5, my hearing aids do not connect properly to my iPhone anymore.”

How to Fix Hearing Aids Keep Disconnecting From iPhone

If you’re experiencing similar problems please apply the following troubleshooting sequence:

  • 1. Browse for Settings -> Bluetooth and turn it Off!
  • 2. Go for Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Bluetooth and disable it for your hearing aids.
  • 3. Reboot iPhone. (You can use the force restart trick.)
  • 4. Return to Settings -> Bluetooth and turn it On.
  • 5. Re-enable Bluetooth for your hearing aids in the Privacy & Security section.
  • Credits: this fix has been shared on Apple’s discussion forums.

Have you managed to fix hearing aids disconnecting from iPhone in iOS 16.5.1? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share them in the comments!

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