How To Add Captions To Photos On iPhone (iOS 14)

Add a Caption to photo in iOS 14

Add a Caption to photo in iOS 14.

One of the upcoming iOS 14 hidden features allows you to add captions to photos directly from your iPhone.
This is a highly awaited option by many of us. It allows iPhone users to tag important images and make them easier to access with the help of the Photos search option.

Until now, you could only add captions, in the stock Photos app if you owned a Mac.
In macOS images can be described with the help of the ‘Description’ field available when you choose to ‘Edit’ an image in the native app. In fact, ‘Description’ has been renamed to Captions, starting with macOS Big Sur.
Apple is matching the same terminology used on the iPhone, aiming to provide better continuity across devices.

How To Add Captions To Photos On iPhone

how to add a caption to photo on iphone 1. Open the Photos app on iPhone / iPad.
2. Browse for the image that you want to describe.
3. Swipe-up to bring up the hidden Captions feature.
4. Tap on ‘Add a Caption’ and type your description.
5. Hit Done when ready.
Fact: In ‌iOS 14‌, Captions sync across all your devices as long as you use the same Apple ID and the iCloud Photo Library is enabled on your Apple gadgets.

Why Add Captions To Photos

– Creating a description to your important images, from your iPhone brings up an extra level of tagging and stacking.
– Captions can be searched for with the help of the Photos search tab. This way you can easily bring up a picture, without having to scroll for it.
– Captions are synced across all devices which means that you can easily find a photo from your iPhone when you switchover to your Mac.

Fact: Captions for Photos is also available on iPads running iPadOS 14!

iOS 14 Photos App Enhancements

new iOS 14 Photos app Filters Besides adding a caption to a photo on iPhone, iOS 14 brings other handy improvements to the Photos app. We’ve listed them below:
– Live Photos get a better auto-play experience.
– Zoom in and out of Albums to easier navigate between pictures.
– Added filters for viewing images like: Favorites, Edited, ‌Photos‌, and Videos.

Unfortunately, Photos metadata can’t be edited in iOS 14. Perhaps this feature will become available in next year’s iOS 15. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the adding captions to Photos feature? Do you plan to use it? Have you been expecting it? Use the comments section available below.

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