How To Appraise Pokemon And Learn About Their Battle Skills

pokemon go appraisal feature

Pokemon GO Appraisal Feature.

Starting with Pokemon Go 1.5.0, Trainers are able to learn more info about their monsters with the help of the Appraisal feature. Basically, you can ask your virtual Team Leader to present the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokemon from your roster. This should help you line-up the best team when engaging in a new battle for conquering a Gym or training your creatures.

Remember, that when you first visited a PokeGym you were asked to choose a Team: yelow, blue or red or better known as Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor. Each squad is represented by a Team Leader Spark, Blanche or Candela. Finally, Niantic brings back these leaders to life and uses them to provide players additional info about each Pokemon’s battle skills, with the help of the Appraisal tool.

How To Appraise Pokemon
pokemon go map Each fantasy creature has its strengths and weaknesses. No matter, if you Evolve or Power Up a Pokemon to strengthen it, the monster will still have its pluses and minuses. Some creatures are better suited for attacking others are stronger in defense. Allow your team leader to inform you about the status of each Pokemon by following these steps:
1. Open the Pokemon GO app and tap on the MenuBall available, centered, at the bottom of the screen.
2. Hit the Pokemon icon (left-handside of the menu screen), to open your monster roster.
pokemon go menu 3. Make sure the creatures are listed from the highest CP (Combat Power) to the lowest ones. CP should be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen
4. Tap on the Pokemon that you want to appraise to open its info page.
5. Hit the additional Options button available in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
6. Select Appraise. Your Team Leader appears in the lower part of the screen. Tap the display to unveil the whole dialog, step by step and find out more about the Pokemon’s battle capabilities.

pokemon go cp list
pidgeot appraise option
spark appraising pidgeot

Fact: The newly added Pokemon Appraisal feature is quite rudimentary, at the moment. The provided info is helpful but there is no other advice provided about how to improve your Pokemon, or how and when to use it in battles in order to achieve the best results. Future game updates might improve the tool. Stay tuned for updates!

How To Appraise Pokemon Video