How To Create Strong Passwords On iPhone Using The KeyChain Feature

How to create a strong password with your iPhone

How to create a strong password with your iPhone.

The number of apps and services that we use with the iPhone grows by the day. Most of these require an account to be able to access all features. This is why your probably end up with tens if not hundreds of passwords that you need to store. Thankfully, iOS can do that for you with the help of the iCloud Keychain feature. This way you can fill them automatically and save a lot of time and hassle.

More, your iPhone is also able to suggest passwords. This feature helps you create strong passwords and will prevent you from using the same code over and over again. By the way, if you use Keychain, iOS will flag accounts with duplicate passwords and ask you to change them. In this article I will teach you how to let your iPhone create strong passwords for you, how to automatically fill in saved passwords and much more!

how to enable icloud keychain feature How To Enable iCloud Keychain
This iOS feature isn’t enabled by default. Here is what you have to do to turn it ON:
1. Open Settings.
2. Tap on your Apple ID (the top of the Settings home screen).
3. Next, tap on iCloud.
4. Scroll for Keychain and select it.
5. Enable iCloud Keychain.
Fact: iOS informs you that this feature keeps the password and credit card info that you save up to date on the devices you approve.

how to create a strong password on your iphoneHow To Create A Strong Password
1. Tap on the password input field, whenever you create a new account on an app or website.
2. Your iPhone will automatically suggest a strong password and fill it in the blanks. Tap Use Strong Password to stick with it.
3. That’s it. Tap Next and continue with your account creation. The password will be automatically save in the iCloud Keychain and become available all your Apple devices.
Fact: iOS generates 19-character-long passwords, in three batches of 6 letters and numbers divided by the “minus” symbol, as you can noticed in the print-screen embedded nearby.

how to enable autofill passwords on iphone How To Automatically Fill In A Saved Password
1. Open the app or the website that you want to log-in to.
2. Tap on the username field to bring up the Keychain icon, available at the top of the keyboard. Tap it to open up the list with saved log-in credentials. The one that fits is usually at the top of the list in the Suggested Passwords area.
3. In other cases, it’s enough to tap the username field and the iPhone will immediately suggest the log-in credentials and make them available at the top of the keyboard.
4. Either way tap the suggestion and the username and password will be field.

How To Disable Passwords Auto Filling On iPhone
If that’s to straightforward for you, or you want to temporarily borrow your iPhone to someone you can disable the password auto filling feature:
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Passwords & Accounts.
3. Disable AutoFill Passwords.

How To View Your Saved Passwords
The easiest way to check out the passwords that you’ve saved on your iPhone is by asking Siri. Summon your virtual assistant with the help of the “Hey Siri” feature, or manually by pressing & holding the iPhone’s Side Button (Home button for iPhone 8 and earlier.)
Command: “Show me my passwords.”
As soon as Siri prompts you with the saved passwords list tap on an account to view the passcode.
You can also check all saved passwords manually in the Settings app. Browse for Settings -> Passwords & Accounts -> Website & App Passwords.
Tip: You can also review saved passwords during log-ins. Type the Keychain icon available next to the keyboard and select “Other Passwords”.

how to edit a weak password on iphone How To Change A Weak Password
Your iPhone will also help you isolate weak passwords. If you have old passwords that you created in a hurry without too much imagination you can edit them and make them strong. iOS is able to flag weak passwords. Here is what you have to do:
1. Open Settings and browse for the same Passwords & Accounts -> Website & App Passwords options menu.
2. Scroll through the saved accounts a check if you can any flagged ones. Tap a flagged account and you will be redirected to the edit screen.
3. Here you can see the password as well as the reason why the log-in credentials are considered weak. You can explanations like
– the password may be easily guessed
– this password is also used on the [website name]. Using the same password across different websites is not safe.
– it contains a common word: [word]
– parts of the password are repeated

4. Tap “Change Password on Website” and you’ll be redirected to the website or app in question. Log-in and change the password. Keychain will automatically save your edits!

Are you using the iCloud KeyChain feature? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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