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Safari Autofill Passwords not working

How To Fix Safari Autofill Passwords Not Working On iPhone

Are you trying to log-in to one of your web accounts but Safari Autofill Passwords is not working? Are your log-in details not automatically filled in the Sign-In form although you’re sure that the authentication credentials are saved and stored in the stock iOS Passwords feature?…

How to create a strong password with your iPhone

How To Create Strong Passwords On iPhone Using The KeyChain Feature

The number of apps and services that we use with the iPhone grows by the day. Most of these require an account to be able to access all features. This is why your probably end up with tens if not hundreds of passwords that you need to store. Thankfully, iOS can do that for you…

ios safari private web browsing mode

5 Tips For iOS Safari Private Browsing

If you ever need to browse the web from your iOS device and don’t wish to leave traces, you should consider the Safari Private web browsing mode. When activated, your iPhone’s built-in Internet browser shouldn’t remember the pages that you’ve visited, track your search history or save AutoFill information. If you forget to go private,…